“What do you think?” Francesca said, holding up a tiny little elephant. It screamed “Tourist souvenir”, which her mother would hate, but Francesca didn’t care. It was small enough to fit in her luggage home. “An elephant?” Rachel replied, “but we didn’t see elephants?” “Yeh, but it’s cute,” Francesca replied. “You said that about the … More Sourvenir

The Runners

Winya dropped her bags on the floor. The metal floor rung out as the heavy bags slammed into the floor. Winya winced. Rugs, then, Winya thought, looking around her tiny apartment. The apartments on Esl-5 were small, expected really given the relative infancy of the nation. The habitable parts of the planet were only two … More The Runners

Sundown Sky

“Reminds you of home, doesn’t it?” Canath remarked, kicking their legs under them. In front of them, the great City of Naithe burned into smolders, leaving trailing smoke floating high into the sky. The final home of the Regency, defeated. Tanteth gave Canath a look. “I don’t remember as much burning on Evanil,” he remarked. … More Sundown Sky

Choosing industries in your worldbuilding – Writing on Caffeine

This month in my newsletter, Writing on Caffeine, I am going to talk about different industries in your world and how you can use them to shape your worldbuilding. After all, how your world generates new materials can play a fundamental part of the politics, economics and wider social statuses in your world. Not yet … More Choosing industries in your worldbuilding – Writing on Caffeine

A Green World

Nadine woke to the sound of birds singing. It was still weird, to hear that instead of the constant hum of the city traffic. Even after fifty years of the banning of fossil fuels, she still expected to hear the thrum of engine noise. Not that she’d change it for anything. This world was once … More A Green World

How to write a group of characters – Writing on Caffeine

This month in my newsletter, Writing on Caffeine,  I’m going to talk about group dynamics. You don’t need an ensemble cast – just more than two characters interacting at the same time. However, the impact of group dynamics is more keenly felt on larger scale casts – especially when you have a group of characters … More How to write a group of characters – Writing on Caffeine


“What do you think?” Ilyen asked, taking another bite out of his dinner. The burrito juice dribbled out of the end of the paper wrapping, spilling onto the metal of the car. It sizzled gently when it hit. “Think?” Gyn replied, looking over at his husband with confusion. “Of the view,” Ilyen asked, gesturing out … More Peace

Slow Down

“Can we please slow down a bit? I need a rest.” “I need to rest,” Davi said, sitting heavily on the dirt track, “please.” “We don’t have time, Davi,” Tabatha grabbed him by the arm and hauled Davi to his feet again. Everything ached, his head pounded, and his wounds were starting to leak again. … More Slow Down