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Nanowrimo Prep (October Update)

This October has mostly been prepping for Nanowrimo, tidying up some old projects and writing my #fantasyqueensfall entry for the competition being run over IG. It’s been a busy month, and November looks like it’ll be even busier! What I’m writing for Nanowrimo Last year I did my first ever Nanowrimo, and it left me… Continue reading Nanowrimo Prep (October Update)

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More Learnings from my Travels (August Update)

August has always been an “end” month to me. I think my brain never quite fully shook the school year when I left it many moons ago. I lived for so long in a September – September existence that even now when I can finally run by the normal calendar year, August still feels like… Continue reading More Learnings from my Travels (August Update)

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Teacup Story – Fog

Fog - Harriet took the same route, every weekend. Even when there was fog. (Genre - General, Rating - PG) The morning was a crisp, sharp cold like the bite of a fresh apple. The gravel of the pathway crunched underfoot, sharp stones digging into Harriet’s soles enough for her to feel it through the walking boot.… Continue reading Teacup Story – Fog