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July Blog – Liminal Space

There is some part of me that does not quite believe it’s the end of July. It feels an almost surreal month, one which merges with June because it’s both a “J” month in my head (and June and July look so similar it’s easy to get them muddled – thanks dyslexia!) July is a… Continue reading July Blog – Liminal Space

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April Update – Learnings from my Travels

March and April have been busy months. It’s springtime, so everything is growing and changing in the garden, the sun is rising up earlier (God does that make the drive to work easier), and there is just a feeling of newness in the air that is not felt in any other month. I love springtime… Continue reading April Update – Learnings from my Travels

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Teacup Story – Isolation

Casey considered what the difference was between isolation and loneliness. (Genre - General, Universe - Diary of Casey Macford, Rating - PG) There is a thin line between isolation and loneliness, dear diary, and that line is choice. Isolation is a place that I choose to put myself into. I close the doors, open your dusty… Continue reading Teacup Story – Isolation