Genre - Action, Genre - Fantasy, Genre - Fiction, Genre - Sci Fi, Rating - 12

Teacup Story – Souls of Smoke

Souls of Smoke - Hectaius said goodbye to their leader (Genre - Sci Fi, Fantasy, Fiction, Action, Rating - 12) “Today, we remember our leader,” Hectaius said, standing at the head of the small mound of pebbles which marked all that remained of Right-Leader Ingnat. The rest of the group, only four of them now, raised… Continue reading Teacup Story – Souls of Smoke

100 Words

100 Words – Honey

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.] It was sweet, so sweet it almost made Hect wince as he swallowed the first mouthful. It was the taste of victory. “You did well, my son,” Ophe said, as she placed the ceremonial spoon back in the… Continue reading 100 Words – Honey