Genre - Free Writing, Genre - Introspective, Rating - PG, Stories on a Theme

Black – (“Colour” Theme)

"Prompts on a Theme" is where I write a story based on a prompt given to me that loosely relates to a particular theme. Check out my "Prompts on a Theme" page for more info! Black When you look up at the stars, what do you see? The universe unfurls for you, revealing it’s secret… Continue reading Black – (“Colour” Theme)

Genre - Free Writing, Rating - PG, Teacup stories, writing

Teacup Story – Happy Place

Happy Place - There is one view that will forever be her happy place. (Genre - Free Writing, Rating - PG). It is cold when she steps out onto the balcony. The mountain air up here is not a biting cold, it is more gentler than that. It is the cold of memories, a reminder… Continue reading Teacup Story – Happy Place

Genre - Sci Fi, Rating - 12, Teacup stories, writing

Teacup Story – The Kayla Breeze

The night before the battle for Captaincy of the ship, Owett watched the stars. (Genre - Sci Fi, Genre - Action, Rating - 12) The stars shone brightly in the middle of the ocean. There was no light out here, not like in the burning cities which hugged the shoreline that Owett called home. When night time fell,… Continue reading Teacup Story – The Kayla Breeze