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Flash Fiction – Summertime (A Teacup Story)

Kasey hummed to herself as she dodged the various beach goers, carrying the ice creams carefully in her hands. The vanilla one was already melting, dribbling down the side of the cone and onto her hand. Troy wouldn’t be happy that it was his ice cream that had melted fastest, but then at ten years… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Summertime (A Teacup Story)

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July Blog – Liminal Space

There is some part of me that does not quite believe it’s the end of July. It feels an almost surreal month, one which merges with June because it’s both a “J” month in my head (and June and July look so similar it’s easy to get them muddled – thanks dyslexia!) July is a… Continue reading July Blog – Liminal Space

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Sapphire (Stories on a Theme – “Blue”)

There is something about sunshine that makes you feel better. It’s not just the fact it’s warm, or that there isn’t a cold damp chill in the air that makes your lungs ache and your bones sore. It’s not the fact you can take out the pretty sapphire blue summer dress that has been hiding… Continue reading Sapphire (Stories on a Theme – “Blue”)

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100 Words – Warmth

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.] Not the warm of a fire on a cold winter’s day, but the hot warmth of a Mediterranean country. It is almost sticky, clammy, constricting, but then a gentle wind blows past and the heat is instead a… Continue reading 100 Words – Warmth