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Flash Fiction – Let it End

There comes a point with anything that it’s not about winning or losing. It just needs to end. It’s hurting you now, you see. It’s dragging you down with it, with them and you feel it inside your bones as you choke on the stress and the indecision and the sheer inability to say no.… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Let it End

flash fiction, Genre - Free Writing, Genre - General, Rating - PG, Teacup & 100 Words, Teacup stories, writing

Flash Fiction – Good Luck (A Teacup Story)

Let me tell you a secret. Come close. No, closer still. You know, there are some people in the world who don’t get stressed? I mean, they get stressed, but not like you or I. Their stress does not consume them whole from the inside out, burning up until you cannot focus on anything apart… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Good Luck (A Teacup Story)

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Teacup Story – Stressed Out

Lucy was stressed out. Dave really was useless. It ruined her Friday (Rating: 12, Genre - General, Warnings - Language) “Fucks, fucking, fuckity, sake,” Lucy swore repeatedly, putting her head in her hands. “Everything alright?” Yulia’s voice chirped from over the desk barrier. A few seconds later, a bob of brown hair and a bright smile… Continue reading Teacup Story – Stressed Out