Imagination (Stories on a Theme – “Magic”)

Imagination is taking the world that we see and creating something different in our minds eye. It’s the comfort of daydreams, their warm embrace allowing you to slip into a world beyond reality and live out another life with another set of possibilities. It’s writing down a plan, of how to make your dreams a … More Imagination (Stories on a Theme – “Magic”)

Tiola’s Bay (Stories on a Theme – “Sea”)

“Docked, Captain!” Captain Elaya Truthwatch tipped the edge of her hat at her First Mate, Rodgers, to acknowledge the information. “We’re here for five days, Crew!” she yelled over the ship. Her voice carried easily in the still breeze, “be respectful, but more importantly, drink them dry!” The Crew cheered. Those on the first rotation … More Tiola’s Bay (Stories on a Theme – “Sea”)