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The Curse of the Silver (Short Story)

When Captain Iona finds one of her team dead next to a statue of Raem II, she knows that someone has stolen a cursed object with the notorious Queen Raem II’s tomb. But as more bodies pile up, time is running out to find out who the killer is. And Iona has her own secrets, ones which are more deadly that she realises.

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Early Evening Memories – (From the Archives)

The early evening was quiet, just the way Haeli liked it. It wasn’t silent, there were still signs of life out there on the fields below. The workers had already gone back to their homes as the light fell away from the sky, but the birds were singing their final songs of the day. Above,… Continue reading Early Evening Memories – (From the Archives)

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Truth – (From the Archives)

You can’t look directly at it, it is too bright. Too solid. It is the pure essence of fact, devoid of emotion and gentle consideration. It does not care for feelings, for fear, for disgust. It just is. Lies are sweeter. They are easier because you can shroud yourself in shadow. Ignore the truth, hide… Continue reading Truth – (From the Archives)

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The Appointment (Teacup Story – Flash Fiction)

“So,” the Manager said, “I believe we have an appointment.” Chela smiled, thinly at the Manager. No one knew her name, her real name. It was just The Manager, who had been running the establishment for the last forty years. And still, she did not look at day older than when she had arrived, sixty… Continue reading The Appointment (Teacup Story – Flash Fiction)

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Flash Fiction – Honesty (From the Archives)

First posted in 2018. || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash Not truth. Truth is about fact. Black and white. Right and wrong. Honesty is about emotion. Feelings, raw and naked. It is crying, hard tears as you choke out secrets. It is screaming your hatred at someone. It is holding someone close as you confess your love… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Honesty (From the Archives)

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Short Story – 3%

Silence is one of the most terrifying things in the world. It’s the lack of life, of activity, that scares me the most. The halting moment between breaths, when you too try to stay as quiet as possible. It makes me feel small, like the world is closing in around me. Waiting for me to… Continue reading Short Story – 3%

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Flash Fiction – Goal (100 Words)

It’s the thing you’ll work towards. The end achievement. The thing that is worth all the blood and the sweat and the tears. It’s the thing that gets you up in the morning when you’re already tired. It’s the thing that makes you push further, push harder, go beyond the boundaries of what you think… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Goal (100 Words)

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Flash Fiction – Bored (100 Words)

"Eugh" Lucy said to her computer screen. It was another slow day. No emails, no new work. Just processing documents until 5pm. She glanced at the clock. It flashed at her the numbers 9:05am in torment. A whole 7.5 hours she had to fill with something. I need a new job, Lucy thought as she dragged… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Bored (100 Words)

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Flash Fiction – Believe (Stories on a Theme “Human”)

The world will get better. You hope. The world will be kinder. You hope. The world will still be alive in the future. You hope. And yet, even though the world around you burns in the fires of forests and politics, you believe that there is hope still, hope that the world will still get… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Believe (Stories on a Theme “Human”)