Awake (100 Words)

“Wake up,” Christie whispered in Garet’s ear. He groaned, rolling over. In his half asleep state, he didn’t register the urgency in Christie’s voice. “Wake, up,” Christie said, punching Garet’s arm, “it’s the Alarm.” Garet woke up fully. The Alarm shouldn’t be going off. The Alarm wouldn’t sound unless there was something very, very wrong. … More Awake (100 Words)

Flash Fiction – Underling (From the Archives)

Elaya looked down on the bodies of her fallen foes with sadness. Is this what it feels like, she thought, to be a hero? Luckily her helmet stopped the smell of the charred bodies from getting to her, but the vision was enough. They had mowed down the assailants, Underlings from the depths of the ruins which … More Flash Fiction – Underling (From the Archives)

Flash Fiction – Rooftop Highway (From the Archives)

“Did you really have to kill everyone?” Hainne asked, exasperated. She sat down with a heavy thump next to her twin, who was currently fiddling with the end of her dagger. Their spot wasn’t as secluded as Hainne would like, but hidden here behind the chimneys of the buildings they would both be able to catch … More Flash Fiction – Rooftop Highway (From the Archives)