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Outpost-347 (A Teacup Story)

The Spring storms hammered the side of the house. Gwen could hear them repeatedly slamming into the habi-house’s side, making the whole construction shake as it did so. The newbies to Outpost-347 were cowering in their bunks. Some were crying, Gwen could hear them. A few had even clustered around the escape pods, desperate to… Continue reading Outpost-347 (A Teacup Story)

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I'm Here (From the Archives)

Fey pressed her hand up against the cold plastic of the ship’s window. Outside, the stars hung in the blackness of space, quietly glistening in the otherwise lifeless vacuum. "Do you think it’s out there? Earth?” Fey asked her husband, Kegro. “I hope so,” Kegro said, as he wrapped his arms around Fey, his hands… Continue reading I'm Here (From the Archives)

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Clues (From the Archives)

“Why,” Cassie groaned as she put her head on her desk. The system had logged her out again and she needed to get to the fingerprint database to cross reference the results from forensics. “What?” Terry poked his head above his cubicle, his glasses sitting askew on his nose. No one would even guess he… Continue reading Clues (From the Archives)

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Leave me Be (From the Archives)

Vekna wiped her blade clean with a bloodied rag.  The blood sluced off the end of the blade, dripping onto the muddy stone floor. The body of the Corps agent lay at her feet, limbs splayed in an unnatural way. “Oops,” Vekna said, sheathing her sword. The Corps were so inefficient with the people they… Continue reading Leave me Be (From the Archives)

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Awake (100 Words)

“Wake up,” Christie whispered in Garet’s ear. He groaned, rolling over. In his half asleep state, he didn’t register the urgency in Christie’s voice. “Wake, up,” Christie said, punching Garet’s arm, “it’s the Alarm.” Garet woke up fully. The Alarm shouldn’t be going off. The Alarm wouldn’t sound unless there was something very, very wrong.… Continue reading Awake (100 Words)

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Early Evening Memories – (From the Archives)

The early evening was quiet, just the way Haeli liked it. It wasn’t silent, there were still signs of life out there on the fields below. The workers had already gone back to their homes as the light fell away from the sky, but the birds were singing their final songs of the day. Above,… Continue reading Early Evening Memories – (From the Archives)

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Terraform – (From the Archives)

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Terral said, staring up at the sky. The rain spattered off her visor, sliding down the outside of her exosuit. It would be a dream to feel the rain on her skin, one day. But that would be a hundred years or so down the line. This was just the first stage… Continue reading Terraform – (From the Archives)

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Flash Fiction – Underling (From the Archives)

Elaya looked down on the bodies of her fallen foes with sadness. Is this what it feels like, she thought, to be a hero? Luckily her helmet stopped the smell of the charred bodies from getting to her, but the vision was enough. They had mowed down the assailants, Underlings from the depths of the ruins which… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Underling (From the Archives)

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Flash Fiction – Rooftop Highway (From the Archives)

“Did you really have to kill everyone?” Hainne asked, exasperated. She sat down with a heavy thump next to her twin, who was currently fiddling with the end of her dagger. Their spot wasn’t as secluded as Hainne would like, but hidden here behind the chimneys of the buildings they would both be able to catch… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Rooftop Highway (From the Archives)

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Flash Fiction – Fleeing Monsters (From the Archives)

“So, you think this was a good idea?” Garek said cheerfully. Too cheerfully. They were the only ones left from their little group. It wouldn’t take long until the monsters found them too. Janee cradled the small stick of information that could hold the keys to defeating the creatures. Their last hope. Bevan had given… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Fleeing Monsters (From the Archives)