Flash Fiction – Leave me Be (Stories on a Theme – “Space”)

Vekna wiped her blade clean with a bloodied rag.  The blood sluced off the end of the blade, dripping onto the muddy stone floor. The body of the Corps agent lay at her feet, limbs splayed in an unnatural way. “Oops,” Vekna said, sheathing her sword. The Corps were so inefficient with the people they … More Flash Fiction – Leave me Be (Stories on a Theme – “Space”)

Flash Fiction – Belligerent (100 words)

“Oh will you just do it,” Uler sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. The cadet smirked. They always did when they started. Thought they knew it all. “I’m fine,” the cadet said, coughing slightly. She didn’t need this, not today. “Take the damn pills,” she said, shoving the bottle into the cadet’s hand, “you’re … More Flash Fiction – Belligerent (100 words)