Celebration (Stories on a Theme – “Family”)

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” the room roared as Urana stepped into it. Urana grinned as her parents pulled her into a hug, followed by her sister. Then her friends, the Crew from down south. Faces swarmed in front of her, all clamouring to give congratulations. They were all squeezed into her parent’s tiny apartment, bumping into one … More Celebration (Stories on a Theme – “Family”)

Sinuous (100 Words)

Falyese traced her fingertips over her lovers muscles. Troph’s shoulders were the most beautiful part of him, in Falyese’s opinion. Strong from years of welding in the ship’s underbelly, but rippled with scars from his youth. They told a story, a story of who Troph was. “Hey,” he said, opening his eyes. “Sleep, my dear,” … More Sinuous (100 Words)

Flash Fiction – Date Night (Stories on a Theme “Food”)

“So what do you fancy?” Georgina looked down at the menu list, trying furiously to ignore the nerves that were buzzing around her body. She could feel Ian’s gaze on her, not intense but curious. She glanced up from the menu, just for a second, and he smiled at her. Her heart flipped. Focus on … More Flash Fiction – Date Night (Stories on a Theme “Food”)

100 Words – Crush

[100 Words – a short story based on one word in 100 words or less] It’s not real, not yet. It’s a wish. A desire. A hope. Maybe a smile. Maybe a hidden glance. You want it to be real. You hope it will be. You just have to take a leap.