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100 Words – Violin

[100 Words - a short story based on one word in 100 words or less]   Becca played until her fingers ached from playing. Until the strings on her bow were shredded. She sat, breathing hard. She couldn’t hear anything, just the swirling feelings and emotion inside of her threatening to burst free. Her cheeks… Continue reading 100 Words – Violin

flash fiction, Genre - General, Genre - Romance, Rating - PG, Teacup & 100 Words, Teacup stories

Teacup Story – Music

Geoff played to forget, to remember, to feel (Genre - General, Rating - PG) Geoff played the music not for practice, but to just let himself go. It was not something that non-musicians would understand. Whilst you had to learn the technical skill, whilst you had to practice again and again, whilst you could perform… Continue reading Teacup Story – Music