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Everyday Magic – Prompts on a Theme (Magic)

A new prompt for this weeks "Prompts on a Theme - Magic⠀ Kelii flicked her finger at the water, bringing it to the boil for her cup of tea Yes she was not supposed to use magic during the rationing period, but she'd have to wait for the water to boil if she used the… Continue reading Everyday Magic – Prompts on a Theme (Magic)

Genre - Fantasy, Genre - Fiction, Rating - PG, Stories on a Theme, writing

Kaleidoscope – (“Colour” Theme)

"Prompts on a Theme" is where I write a story based on a prompt given to me that loosely relates to a particular theme. Check out my "Prompts on a Theme" page for more info! Kaleidoscope Minai watched the fish swim at the bottom of the lake, their scales flashing in the sunlight - deep… Continue reading Kaleidoscope – (“Colour” Theme)

100 Words, Genre - Fantasy, Rating - PG

100 Words – Clear

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.] Open blue sky was a precious thing. Something that shouldn’t be taken for grated. But this spell that the Council wanted to do, that would change it all. “Kelci?” a voice called from inside. Councillor Yellane stepped out… Continue reading 100 Words – Clear