Genre - General, Rating - PG, Teacup stories, writing

Teacup Story – This Occasion

This Occasion - Casey wrote about how hard journeys were, and how determined she was to climb her mountains. (Rating: PG, Universe: Diary of Casey Macford, Genre: General) I’m listening to happy music tonight, dear diary, because I want to write something happy. It should be easy, and on some days it is easy. But today is one of… Continue reading Teacup Story – This Occasion

Genre - Romance, Genre - Sci Fi, Rating - 12, Teacup stories, writing

Teacup Story – I’m Here

I 'm Here - Fey didn't want to accept the inevitable, that she would not have her husband forever. (Rating- 12, Genre - Sci Fi, Genre - Romance) Fey pressed her hand up against the cold plastic of the ship’s window. Outside, the stars hung in the blackness of space, quietly glistening in the otherwise lifeless vacuum.… Continue reading Teacup Story – I’m Here

Genre - Free Writing, Genre - General, Rating - PG, Teacup stories

Teacup Story – Isolation

Casey considered what the difference was between isolation and loneliness. (Genre - General, Universe - Diary of Casey Macford, Rating - PG) There is a thin line between isolation and loneliness, dear diary, and that line is choice. Isolation is a place that I choose to put myself into. I close the doors, open your dusty… Continue reading Teacup Story – Isolation