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Why Self Care is Important (Opinion Blog)

I have an ongoing balance between finding enough time to write, and then beating myself up when something else takes priority. It’s a constant balance that I’ve talked about before, which dominates most of my walking moments. If you were to google online how long it takes to write a book (let alone write it),… Continue reading Why Self Care is Important (Opinion Blog)

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Flash Fiction – Kind (100 Words)

Sometimes it's easier to be harsh than it is kind.  Kindness takes self reflection. A pause before you respond. It takes selflessness to be kind. To choose a better path even if your feels demand another.  But even though it harder, the world deserves more kindness in it.  So try to be kind.

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100 Words – Kindness

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.] Not weird, but normal. The normal thing that normal people do to one another. The thing that makes humanity better, not worse. It is the thing that binds people, relationships, bonds together. It is the thing that makes… Continue reading 100 Words – Kindness