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Stress (100 Words)

It settles beneath your skin, into your very bones. You cannot help it. It is like a virus, slipping past your defences. You cannot help but feel the cold shiver running down your spine as you look at the clock and calculate how little time you have. The ask is too much, you know it.… Continue reading Stress (100 Words)

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Almost There – “Stories on a Theme” (Home)

[Stories on a Theme - a weekly theme that I use as a spring board for short stories over the weekend. Catch up with the posts on my IG] It's the almost home feeling, the place before you're truly home but you're so close. You sigh. Your journey is almost over. It doesn't matter where… Continue reading Almost There – “Stories on a Theme” (Home)

flash fiction, Genre - General, Genre - Introspective, Rating - PG, Stories on a Theme, writing

Now – “Prompts on a Theme” (Future)

Another short based on this weeks theme "Future". What is it, the future? It's expectation of something. A dream, a wish, something you've created from nothing. It doesn't exist though, not really.   The only thing that really exists is today. You have to remind yourself of that sometimes. This place, right here, right now,… Continue reading Now – “Prompts on a Theme” (Future)

100 Words, Genre - General, Rating - PG

100 Words – Unconditional

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.] Just because you want to. Not because you have to, or because you want something in return. Not because something makes you, but because you choose to. Because you choose again to give and give, and you choose… Continue reading 100 Words – Unconditional