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Flash Fiction – Goal (100 Words)

It’s the thing you’ll work towards. The end achievement. The thing that is worth all the blood and the sweat and the tears. It’s the thing that gets you up in the morning when you’re already tired. It’s the thing that makes you push further, push harder, go beyond the boundaries of what you think… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Goal (100 Words)

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Bleary Eyed – “Stories on a Theme” (Tired)

Faith struggled to keep her eyes concentrating on the words on her computer screen. She could feel her thoughts go sluggish, her fingers ached from typing for hours. She glanced over at the clock, squinting at it to try and make sense of the numbers. 2:45am. Ugh, gods, she thought as she turned back to… Continue reading Bleary Eyed – “Stories on a Theme” (Tired)