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The Curse of the Silver (Short Story)

When Captain Iona finds one of her team dead next to a statue of Raem II, she knows that someone has stolen a cursed object with the notorious Queen Raem II’s tomb. But as more bodies pile up, time is running out to find out who the killer is. And Iona has her own secrets, ones which are more deadly that she realises.

From the Archives, Rating - 15, writing

Flash Fiction – On the Hunt (From the Archives)

First posted in 2015. || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash “Why do we have to listen to this again?” Ake grumbled. “Because I’m the driver,” Sarah replied, slapping Ake’s hand away from the radio. The engine of the car roared loudly as she accelerated down the empty road.It was a long drive, this hunt was going to… Continue reading Flash Fiction – On the Hunt (From the Archives)

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Teacup Story – Fleeing Monsters

“So, you think this was a good idea?” Garek said cheerfully. Too cheerfully. They were the only ones left from their little group. It wouldn’t take long until the monsters found them too. Janee cradled the small stick of information that could hold the keys to defeating the creatures. Their last hope. Bevan had given… Continue reading Teacup Story – Fleeing Monsters

100 Words, Genre - General

100 Words – Fear

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.] It is insidious. The controlling urge that you will soon die. A primeval panic. It create the fight of flight response, it causes adrenaline, it makes you pumped up. Ready for what happens next. You become hypervigilant. You… Continue reading 100 Words – Fear

Genre - Fantasy, Genre - Horror, Rating - 12, Short story

Short Story – Civic Duty

Civic Duty - Penny had a little detour on the way home. A form of civic duty. (Warnings: violence, swearing. Rating: T12 Genre - Fantasy, Horror). Penny found it was incredibly hard to resist the urge to rip the throat out of the man who was following her. It was Shepard’s Pie night, and Talia would have… Continue reading Short Story – Civic Duty

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Teacup Story – Boredom

Boredom - Kelsey hated being bored, more than anything else. She would rather be out there killing zombies (Rating: T, Warnings: Violence) Kelsey didn’t mind the boring days, as long as they weren’t often. Its was nice, on occasion, to have one of those days where you didn’t have to do anything. Just the normal, bog… Continue reading Teacup Story – Boredom

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Short Story – Nightmare

Amy's nightmares were more than terrifying. They hunted her, haunted her, and hounded her until she woke up.  Or at least, when she thought she had woken up. (Genre - General, Genre - Horror, Rating - 12, Full Story)  Image credit - wolfgangfoto, flickr In the nightmare, the world twisted and fluctuated like the sea… Continue reading Short Story – Nightmare