Day (100 Words)

When someone told me that happy memories could be as powerful as sad ones, I never believed them. I never understood how powerful they could be because I had never had one of those memories. The ones that I could just pull out of my mind and bring in front of my minds eye and … More Day (100 Words)

Flash Fiction – Good Life (Stories on a Theme “Food”)

Sometimes, life is one of those things that just happens and you only realise how lucky you are when you’re sitting down to eat dinner. Maybe it’s at home, or on holiday, or with friends or family. It doesn’t really matter, but it’s just there, and it smells good, and your stomach rumbles. It’s lucky … More Flash Fiction – Good Life (Stories on a Theme “Food”)

Flash Fiction – Joyful (Stories on a Theme – “Peace”)

It’s a feeling, deep within your bones. A light feeling. One that lifts your soul up, keeping your chin up and your eyes open. You have to smile, as you hear the birds singing and the wind whispering in the trees. You let the feeling flow through your soul and seep out of your skin, … More Flash Fiction – Joyful (Stories on a Theme – “Peace”)

Flash Fiction – Forever (Stories on a Theme – “Happy”)

“I know it’s dumb,” Rachel said, snuggling into her fiancee, “but happy 1 week anniversary.” Dorothy looked at Rachel with both love and exasperation. “You going to do this every week?” she asked, waving her hand at Rachel, “I haven’t forgotten the fact we’re engaged you know.” “Just until we get to a month,” Rachel … More Flash Fiction – Forever (Stories on a Theme – “Happy”)

100 Words – Satisfy

[100 Words – a short story based on one word in 100 words or less] What makes you whole. A smile, on your face. the thing that gives you purpose and drive. A dream, mostly likely. Possible or not, it drives you forward to better places, better things. A better you.