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Teacup Story – Music

Geoff played to forget, to remember, to feel (Genre - General, Rating - PG) Geoff played the music not for practice, but to just let himself go. It was not something that non-musicians would understand. Whilst you had to learn the technical skill, whilst you had to practice again and again, whilst you could perform… Continue reading Teacup Story – Music

Genre - Angst, Rating - PG, Teacup stories, writing

Teacup Story – Something, Someone

Something, Someone - Just because it is gone does not mean that it is forgotten (Genre - Angst, Genre - General, Rating - PG) Just because something, someone, is gone, does not mean that it was worthless. It is not the end of the memory which decides the content. It is not the closure of the… Continue reading Teacup Story – Something, Someone

Genre - General, Rating - PG

Teacup Story – And so the stars, they die

And so the stars, they die - yes, it is true that even the stars will die (Rating: PG, Genre: General, Genre: introspection). Even the stars die. It is just the way things are. But it doesn’t mean that things cannot be forever, because when stars die their energy goes out into the universe, spreading far and… Continue reading Teacup Story – And so the stars, they die