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Flash Fiction – Friends (A 100 words story)

I try to stay in contact. I try to meetup. But I’m the one trying. Sending messages. Arranging things. And when I don’t. No one speaks to me. So why do I bother? (because something is better than nothing). Enjoy this? Check out my other 100 word stories below!

Genre - Fiction, Rating - PG, writing

Teacup Story – Hairstyle

Cassie was always jealous of her friend's hair. (Genre - Fiction, Genre - General, Rating - PG) “I like what you’ve done with your hair,” Cassie said as Lyra sat down opposite her “it’s lighter?” “Much,” Lyra said, grinning, “did it myself.” Cassie raised her eyebrows. “Really?” she said, handing over the menu to Lyra to… Continue reading Teacup Story – Hairstyle