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Teacup Story – Forgiveness cannot be brought

Forgiveness cannot be brought - Kiela did not want to forgive her mother. She didn't deserve it. However, her father disagreed (Genre - Fiction, Rating - 15, Warnings: implied child abuse) “I don’t want to forgive her,” Kiela hissed at her father. “You must,” her father replied. That was his standard reply. Forgive your mother. Ignore… Continue reading Teacup Story – Forgiveness cannot be brought

Genre - General, Genre - Introspective, Rating - 12, Teacup stories, writing

Teacup Story – Goodbye Anger

Casey writes to move forward with her thoughts, and her life (Genre - General,  Genre - Introspective, Universe - Diary of Casey Macford, Rating - 12) Anger is a good emotion, a strong emotion. It is an emotion which comes from wanting to fight back against the world, a person, a situation. It is vibrant… Continue reading Teacup Story – Goodbye Anger