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Fear (100 Words)

The feeling was not of anger or of hatred. It was the bone sinking, gut wrenching quiet whisper of doubt.  It was the thoughts Felicity didn't even know where there until Gerrard had pointed them out. Her snappiness. Her temper.  She was scared, scared for them all, but she'd never admit it.  She'd never admit… Continue reading Fear (100 Words)

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Burning Red (From the Archives)

Suzza sat on her bed, surrounded by the ripped pieces of her letters. Each one had contained the years of heartache and love that she had poured into her relationship with Netr. Before she had joined the Tombhunters, before when he had promised that she was his only and that she had his heart. And… Continue reading Burning Red (From the Archives)

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Clues (From the Archives)

“Why,” Cassie groaned as she put her head on her desk. The system had logged her out again and she needed to get to the fingerprint database to cross reference the results from forensics. “What?” Terry poked his head above his cubicle, his glasses sitting askew on his nose. No one would even guess he… Continue reading Clues (From the Archives)

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Leave me Be (From the Archives)

Vekna wiped her blade clean with a bloodied rag.  The blood sluced off the end of the blade, dripping onto the muddy stone floor. The body of the Corps agent lay at her feet, limbs splayed in an unnatural way. “Oops,” Vekna said, sheathing her sword. The Corps were so inefficient with the people they… Continue reading Leave me Be (From the Archives)

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Before (A Teacup Story)

“It was all so good,” Tristan sighed, into his drink “before you lot got involved.” The bodies didn’t talk back. They never talked back. “You know,” he said, reaching over the bar and pulling a bottle from under the shelf, “I really wish that time magic was a thing. That I could go back to… Continue reading Before (A Teacup Story)

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Confrontation (From the Archives)

“FIGHT ME!” Tranegath roared at Hulun. Hulun struggled, his head still ringing from the previous blow. It would not be long before the guards came to separate them, but this was his chance to do some real damage to the bully of the prison. Hulun coughed, trying to distract Tranegath as he reached down to… Continue reading Confrontation (From the Archives)

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Journey Before Destination (February Update)

February is the shortest month of the year, and with that comes its own difficulties. My goals list, which stays roughly the same for each month, is suddenly compressed by 3 days which makes everything that little bit harder to achieve. Plus, my day job ramps up its intensity to the end of the financial… Continue reading Journey Before Destination (February Update)

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The Otherworlds (A Teacup Story)

Fyerik groaned, holding her head in her hands as she threw up into the bucket again. “Do I really have to try again?” she groaned, sipping the fruit tea that Hyacken had put next to her bedside table. Hyacken nodded, eyes sad. This wouldn’t be the first time she had seen a Seer struggle to… Continue reading The Otherworlds (A Teacup Story)

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Fantasy to Inspire (Opinion Blog)

“It’s just a book.” If there is one phrase that incites rage in me in is that one. The fact that a book, a story, is nothing more than just a story. It’s just made up. It’s not got meaning. It’s not real. I fundamentally disagree. To assume that because something is not real it… Continue reading Fantasy to Inspire (Opinion Blog)

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Crossing the River Ine (Teacup Story)

Junea pulled the reigns of Ceanol sharply, bringing her to a halt. “Why did you stop?” Kanek asked, pulling up next to Junea. Garne, his horse, stamped impatiently. He was an old racing horse, and he hated standing still for more than a moment at a time. “Do you hear that?” Junea asked. Kanek cocked… Continue reading Crossing the River Ine (Teacup Story)