The Joining Payment

“We’ve got 10 minutes until the alarm goes off.” Fezula didn’t look concerned. She was never concerned about this. “Fine,” she replied, “let’s get to work.” She held out her hand at Tulep. Tulep passed her the bag of warded coins. “You know,” Fezula, “I thought you were going to be too stressed for this, … More The Joining Payment

Can’t Do It

“I can’t do it,” Felruza slammed her fist against the table. Why was it so damn hard? Why could everyone else do this one simple thing and she couldn’t? “It’ll come,” her mother said from across the table. Her voice was gentle, it always was, the opposite of her innate power which was creating fireballs … More Can’t Do It

Memories of Hope (Stories on a Theme – “Isolate”)

Fuane sat on the floor, deep in her memories. The memories were the access point to the future. They were a window to the past, pulling time from a place that did not exist into a person’s present mind. Most thought reading the future was all about drinking teas or smelling incense alone. They missed … More Memories of Hope (Stories on a Theme – “Isolate”)

Ruins of Palen (Stories on a Theme – “Weak”)

“Finally,” Casei said, resting her hand on her knees as she caught her breath, “we’re here.” Sam snorted next to her. Casei glared at him. “What,” Sam remarked, pulling off his gloves and taking a drink out of his water bottle, “it’s another three hours to Palen from here. “We’re in the outer edges of … More Ruins of Palen (Stories on a Theme – “Weak”)

Temple of Ukla (Stories on a Theme – “Weak”)

“Can you not pray away the rain?” Zivami asked as he paced around the table in the centre of the tent. “That’s not how it works,” Valite replied, adjusting her cloak, “and you know it.” Zivami snorted. “Could at least try,” he said. “You’re lucky the wards are still holding up around here,” Valite said, … More Temple of Ukla (Stories on a Theme – “Weak”)