Successfully Productive at everything (other than the plan)

March has been one of those months where I have been very productive in everything other than my creative pursuits. It’s a month of successful sourdough baking, garden tidies, and new TVs. I’ve even managed to get sucked back into playing video games. It’s also a time of new ideas. Spring always brings a creative … More Successfully Productive at everything (other than the plan)

Writing On Caffeine – Writing Arguments

Don’t forget that this month in my newsletter, Writing on Caffeine, I’m looking at writing arguments between characters.  and in particular how you describe your character. I’m going to be looking at why arguments are important tool in your dialogue toolbox, when to use them in your story, and some top tips for when you’re … More Writing On Caffeine – Writing Arguments

February Thoughts

This month has been something of a busy one. I’ve been travelling (first time in a long while!) which has taken me away from the desk and all things blogging and writing. However, I have managed to continue working on my novel as much as I can. There are some slow patches which I am … More February Thoughts