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Flash Fiction – Honesty (From the Archives)

First posted in 2018. || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash Not truth. Truth is about fact. Black and white. Right and wrong. Honesty is about emotion. Feelings, raw and naked. It is crying, hard tears as you choke out secrets. It is screaming your hatred at someone. It is holding someone close as you confess your love… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Honesty (From the Archives)

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Flash Fiction – Delusion (From the Archives)

First posted in 2018. || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash A sickening twisted, warped view of the world. That you are right. That the world is wrong. That even worse, the world owes you something. And when you don’t get it? Well, you do what you’ve always done. What you always will do because you refuse to… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Delusion (From the Archives)

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Flash Fiction – Joy (A 100 words story)

Tamsin made a cup of tea on a Saturday morning, watching the first rays of daylight trickle across the buildings out of her kitchen window. Not much, but it was a little thing. This view had cost her almost £100 more a month alone, but it was worth it. The little plants that sat on… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Joy (A 100 words story)

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Flash Fiction – Smile (Stories on a Theme – “Happy”)

You can't help it. You have to smile at the memory. It fills you with warm joy and hope that the world is a nice place. A kind place. It's the kind of place you want to stay alive in.

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100 Words – Kindness

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.] Not weird, but normal. The normal thing that normal people do to one another. The thing that makes humanity better, not worse. It is the thing that binds people, relationships, bonds together. It is the thing that makes… Continue reading 100 Words – Kindness

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Teacup Story – Stressed Out

Lucy was stressed out. Dave really was useless. It ruined her Friday (Rating: 12, Genre - General, Warnings - Language) “Fucks, fucking, fuckity, sake,” Lucy swore repeatedly, putting her head in her hands. “Everything alright?” Yulia’s voice chirped from over the desk barrier. A few seconds later, a bob of brown hair and a bright smile… Continue reading Teacup Story – Stressed Out