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Umbrella – “Stories on a Theme” (Rainfall)

[Stories on a Theme - a weekly theme that I use as a spring board for short stories over the weekend. Catch up with the posts on my IG] “You get it?” Susan said, crouching in the corner of the porch, jacket pulled over her head. “Not exactly,” Fred replied, pulling the door shut behind… Continue reading Umbrella – “Stories on a Theme” (Rainfall)

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Teacup Story – New Sofas

New Sofas - On balance, a holiday wasn't as important as a new sofa. (Genre - General, Genre - Romance, Rating - PG) Gemma loved Christmas time. There was no snow, there never was in Britain. But the raindrops that tapped against the window played a gentle tune against the crackle of the log fire that David… Continue reading Teacup Story – New Sofas