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Kaleidoscope – (“Colour” Theme)

"Prompts on a Theme" is where I write a story based on a prompt given to me that loosely relates to a particular theme. Check out my "Prompts on a Theme" page for more info! Kaleidoscope Minai watched the fish swim at the bottom of the lake, their scales flashing in the sunlight - deep… Continue reading Kaleidoscope – (“Colour” Theme)

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Teacup Story – Thoughts of Colours

Thoughts of Colours - Each colour represents certain thoughts. (Genre - General, Rating - PG) Red Warmth. Fireside reading. Cosy hugs on the sofa. Love, lust and desire. Sunsets and Sunrises. Ends and beginnings. Anger and fear. Roses, flowers and petals. Blue Cooling breeze. Seaside and horizons. Waves lapping against the shoreline. Bright, clear skies with no… Continue reading Teacup Story – Thoughts of Colours