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Miserable – “Stories on a Theme” (Rainfall)

[Stories on a Theme - a weekly theme that I use as a spring board for short stories over the weekend. Catch up with the posts on my IG] Rachel was soaked through. Every single item of clothing she had was wet. Her hair clung to her face like a mop, her skin felt shrivelled,… Continue reading Miserable – “Stories on a Theme” (Rainfall)

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Teacup Story – Cold

Cathie hated the cold. She wasn't built for it like the humans were, with their warm bloodied limbs. (Rating: T, Genre: Sci-Fi) “So. Fucking. Cold,” Cathie rubbed her hands together before shoving them back under her coat. Even in here, in the tiny cabin of their rover, the cold was still biting. Maybe they could turn… Continue reading Teacup Story – Cold