Writing on Caffeine – February Edition

This month in my newsletter, Writing on Caffeine, I’m talking about worldbuilding, particularly magic systems. Taking some of the advice from Brandon Sanderson (of whom I am a huge fan!), I’ll take you through some key points in how to build a magic system, and what to take into consideration for your wider worldbuilding. Want … More Writing on Caffeine – February Edition

Why female protagonists are important in the fantasy genre

One of my loves of fantasy is seeing so many lady heroines kicking ass and taking names. Not all of them are the typical “warrior” archetypes, but each of them has their own type of strength which really impacted upon me when I read it. My current WIP has a number of female protagonists. A … More Why female protagonists are important in the fantasy genre

Fantasy to Inspire

“It’s just a book.” If there is one phrase that incites rage in me in is that one. The fact that a book, a story, is nothing more than just a story. It’s just made up. It’s not got meaning. It’s not real. I fundamentally disagree. To assume that because something is not real it … More Fantasy to Inspire