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Short Story – 3%

Silence is one of the most terrifying things in the world. It’s the lack of life, of activity, that scares me the most. The halting moment between breaths, when you too try to stay as quiet as possible. It makes me feel small, like the world is closing in around me. Waiting for me to… Continue reading Short Story – 3%

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Teacup Story – Cold

Cathie hated the cold. She wasn't built for it like the humans were, with their warm bloodied limbs. (Rating: T, Genre: Sci-Fi) “So. Fucking. Cold,” Cathie rubbed her hands together before shoving them back under her coat. Even in here, in the tiny cabin of their rover, the cold was still biting. Maybe they could turn… Continue reading Teacup Story – Cold

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Story – Underling

Captain Elaya of the Seventy-Fifth Colonist Forces led her troops into battle with the Underlings. But that did not mean she was driven by desire for heroism. (Genre - Sci Fi, Genre - Fantasy, Warnings: violence, Rating: 15) Elaya looked down on the bodies of her fallen foes with sadness. Is this what it feels like,… Continue reading Story – Underling