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Fortunes Path (Teacup Story)

Fayan watched the bandits fan out in front of her. The Fortunes Path was the quickest way to the Mountains, but it was pitted with many bandit camps all along it. Most did not travel this way because of them. Fayan had chosen this way for them. There were five bandits this time, against only… Continue reading Fortunes Path (Teacup Story)

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Flash Fiction – One Chance (From the Archives)

First posted in 2015. || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash Broken fingers wrapped themselves around the stub of a cigarette. The red end flared as its owner drew another deep breath, holding the smoke for a moment in their mouth before they spoke. “You have disappointed me.” Not many words, but enough for Meg to squirm in… Continue reading Flash Fiction – One Chance (From the Archives)

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April Update – Learnings from my Travels

March and April have been busy months. It’s springtime, so everything is growing and changing in the garden, the sun is rising up earlier (God does that make the drive to work easier), and there is just a feeling of newness in the air that is not felt in any other month. I love springtime… Continue reading April Update – Learnings from my Travels