Flash Fiction – One Chance (From the Archives)

First posted in 2015. || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash Broken fingers wrapped themselves around the stub of a cigarette. The red end flared as its owner drew another deep breath, holding the smoke for a moment in their mouth before they spoke. “You have disappointed me.” Not many words, but enough for Meg to squirm in … More Flash Fiction – One Chance (From the Archives)

Teacup story – Acquisition without Permission

It wasn’t really theft, Ellya figured. More like a bit of Acquisition without Permission. And for payment. Lots of Payment. (Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Action, Rating – 12) Ellya sat in her supervisor’s chair and surveyed the desk in front of her. It was the chaotic mess that she had grown to expect from Sir Petral. There … More Teacup story – Acquisition without Permission