Slide (100 Words)

It’s not a breaking of a bond, but more a loosening. You see it, at first. The distance that has grown between you. Not from hatred, or any passionate emotion if you where honest. Just a quiet boredom that has gnawed away at you for years upon years. You know it will not last. You … More Slide (100 Words)

Exploit (100 Words)

“Now,” Ganetrak said, kneeling in front of Inael’s prone form, “you’re going to cooperate.” Inael strained against the manacles, but it was to no avail. He growled at Ganetrak, as the enemy general pulled across the helmet that would take Inael’s powers from him. Make him a puppet of the Uletenran Empire. “Fuck you,” he … More Exploit (100 Words)

100 Words – Wing

[100 words – Story based on one word in 100 words or less] Flying above the world. Freedom to look down on life, existence and not be a part of it. You sit, looking through your tiny aeroplane window and just watch the world fall away beneath you. Your problems, your reality is down there. … More 100 Words – Wing