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Writing On Caffeine is my monthly writing advice newsletter packed full of writing advice, prompts and a few tips to try with your own work.

I’ve been writing stories for over fifteen years. Along the way, I’ve read and learnt different skills that I’ve used in my own writing, and now I want to share them with you!

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What’s in each edition?

Each month I take a look at a different aspect of the writing craft: characters, worldbuilding and writing skills. I also include a writing prompt and writing tips in each edition to keep your creative skills flowing.


What makes a good character? I look at the defining traits of what makes good characters, as well as the different roles they can play in your story


To make real magic, your story’s world has to be as fantastical as the imagination can get. But how do you take your reader there? I share tips and tricks to show you how.

Writing Skills

Writing is a craft, and a craft is made up of skills. I share some of my top writing tips, along with looking at how to learn and structure your time to achieve your writing goals.

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