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My Thoughts on “The Rings of Power”

Normally, I try and have my opinion pieces about books that I’ve read. However, this month, books have not been read. My lack of commuting over the summer has meant my progress with kindle reading on the train has somewhat reduced significantly. So instead, I’m turning to another medium to present some thoughts on, namely … More My Thoughts on “The Rings of Power”

Summer’s End

August is always a month of re-set. Even though I am long past the educational systems’ September-September year, there always is this sensation of starting a new cycle at the end of August. In some ways, it’s a farewell to the height of summer and looking onwards into winter, and for me, it’s also a … More Summer’s End

How to create a map of your fantasy world

You know you’re reading a fantasy book when the first two (or sometimes multiple) pages are of maps of the world. These help give your reader a visual context (and help remind them where places are in relation to others). Maps aren’t essential for writing a fantasy book, but I’ve always found having one (however … More How to create a map of your fantasy world

July Thoughts

July has rushed past in a flash, like most summer months. I’ve spent it being quite creative, but not with my writing. Gardening, baking and new sewing projects have all taken up my focus and time this month. It’s been good to have a break from the computer screen and focus my creative energy on … More July Thoughts

Giving your Character a unique voice

Every character needs a strong, clear voice to help bring the reader into their world. Whether it’s an accent or turn of phrase, every person has a unique way of communicating – the way a person talks can project their internal world to the world at large. A character’s “voice” is their way of interacting … More Giving your Character a unique voice


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