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The Lost Mage

“So, you used to be famous?” Marle could hear the excitement in her Granddaughter voice. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as much as she expected it to. It had hurt when her son had found out, aged fifteen, but then he had known enough about the world to know how different his life could have been … More The Lost Mage

No Fighting, Not Anymore

“We’re not fighting, not anymore.” Geiler held out her hand and dropped her gun on the floor. It rang out across the silent cavern with a resounding thud. “We’re not fighting?” Cenrath’s words rumbled at Gelier, a warning. Don’t take this too far. Gelier squared her shoulders. She could feel the eyes of her squadron … More No Fighting, Not Anymore

The Joining Payment

“We’ve got 10 minutes until the alarm goes off.” Fezula didn’t look concerned. She was never concerned about this. “Fine,” she replied, “let’s get to work.” She held out her hand at Tulep. Tulep passed her the bag of warded coins. “You know,” Fezula, “I thought you were going to be too stressed for this, … More The Joining Payment

Can’t Do It

“I can’t do it,” Felruza slammed her fist against the table. Why was it so damn hard? Why could everyone else do this one simple thing and she couldn’t? “It’ll come,” her mother said from across the table. Her voice was gentle, it always was, the opposite of her innate power which was creating fireballs … More Can’t Do It

Like the Sky at Sundown

“You’re orange,” A bit of a state-the-obvious comment from Ryan. Cassie wiped the orange blood of her blade and sheathed her weapon. Monster blood never made for a particularly delightful colour. Least it was better than the stuff they had up North, which was acidic blood. “Stating the obvious much,” Cassie remarked, kicking the corpse … More Like the Sky at Sundown

Not anywhere

Dead Dead. Not alive. Not here. Not anywhere that I can perceive. Just. Not here. What does that mean for life, when death is so swift and random. How can there be order in the chaos of the world when there is nothing other than chaos. I suppose some people turn to faith. Others turn … More Not anywhere

New Day

Each day is an unknown. It doesn’t feel like an unknown. You can have plans, have thoughts, have things to do. But each day is an unknown. Treat it as such. See the beauty in it.


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Top 3 tips for writing Multiple POVs

As a fantasy reader and writer, I’m most comfortable in the world of 3rd person POV. However, if you’re writing a fantasy epic, how do you manage multiple POVs in your novel? Here are my top three tips: 1) be picky with your POVs2) write a unique character voice for each POV3) use your POVs … More Top 3 tips for writing Multiple POVs

How To: Writing Sub-Plots

Sub-Plots are a key part of any story, especially a fantasy one. You have to keep a careful eye on how many you have and what purpose they are serving in order to keep a handle on your story.   This month in my newsletter Writing on Caffeine, I’ll be looking at why Sub-Plots are … More How To: Writing Sub-Plots

August Thoughts

August has been a lot like July in terms of creativity. A month to be outside, doing things rather than sitting at a desk writing. One thing I’ve been trying to tackle is the middle plot for my ongoing WIP. You can read more on my update here. Outside of writing, I’ve been fiddling with … More August Thoughts

Writers Block can be a Blessing

It’s not just all about the negative when it comes to writer’s block. In fact, I think writer’s block can be a blessing in certain circumstances. We’re too hard on our creative selves to create, create, created, and sometimes there is a point where you have to stop. You might need a break Last month … More Writers Block can be a Blessing

A time of Doing Things

Whenever I look at the month of July on my writing wordcount spreadsheet, it is always a lower number, without fail, every year. Summertime, even with the hangover of the pandemic still thundering across the collective world’s mind, is a time of being outside. It’s a time of doing things, even if the things you’re … More A time of Doing Things


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One of the Crew (From the Archives)

“Let us raise a toast, to Mito!” Captain Ralaydin raised her mug high into the air. The rest of the crew followed her example. Mito blushed. Not from embarrassment, he appreciated the gesture, but all twelve pairs of eyes staring at him was a bit much. Mito raised his glass to. “To the successful Blood … More One of the Crew (From the Archives)

The Appointment (From the Archives)

“So,” the Manager said, “I believe we have an appointment.” Chela smiled, thinly at the Manager. No one knew her name, her real name. It was just The Manager, who had been running the establishment for the last forty years. And still, she did not look at day older than when she had arrived, sixty … More The Appointment (From the Archives)

The Ruins of Evale (From the Archives)

The next morning, the birds sung over the Ruins of Evale. It was a haunting sound. The city should have been alive with the noise of hundreds of thousands of lives being lived. You shouldn’t be able to hear the morning songbirds this close to the walls. Tarya toed the ground with her boot. The … More The Ruins of Evale (From the Archives)

Planet (From the Archives)

“Would you look at that,” Zeeta said from the cockpit. The spaceshuttle arced gracefully downwards towards Planet 34-5, known in previous generations as Planet Earth. Small white clouds were punctuated against the bright blue of the planet. Apparently that was called a sea. So much water, Zeeta thought. It seemed almost impossible. “I wonder what … More Planet (From the Archives)

Quarantine (From the Archives)

Day 45. Day 45 started much the same as Day 44 and Day 43. Both boring days, with no interlude aside from when the food was un-ceremoniously shoved through the access slot next to the door. Kell stared at the ceiling, focussing on her breathing. She’d spent the first fifteen days of Quarantine being angry, … More Quarantine (From the Archives)

Choose (From the Archives)

The world might break, but it can be reformed. A better world, a more unified world. A kinder, better world. Humanity’s strength is in its kindness. It’s compassion. It’s generosity. So choose positivity. Choose kindness Choose love. First Posted in 2020

Outpost-347 (From the Archives)

The Spring storms hammered the side of the house. Gwen could hear them repeatedly slamming into the habi-house’s side, making the whole construction shake as it did so. The newbies to Outpost-347 were cowering in their bunks. Some were crying, Gwen could hear them. A few had even clustered around the escape pods, desperate to … More Outpost-347 (From the Archives)


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