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I’m a fantasy writer from the UK, and I love writing stories. Now, I’ve chosen to share my stories, tips and opinions on all things fantasy with the internet.

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Latests Posts

Keep Going (Monday Inspiration)

Keep going with it. It’s hard, this writing thing. It’s hard to write a book, or short story, or even flash fiction. Sometimes you aren’t motivated, other times you don’t have the time. Maybe you’re just stuck in a rut. Keep going. Keep trying. You will find your words again.

Mask (From the Archives)

Vineck pulled the mask over his face. The long beak of the mask stuck our a good half a foot from his face.  He adjusted the straps at the back of his head. It was heavy, heavier than he remembered it had been last week.  But this week is different, he thought. This week it … More Mask (From the Archives)

Necromancer (A Teacup Story)

Manela looked at the corpse at her feet. “Just do it,” Terak said. He always thought that this was easy to do. Necromancy was an art. It was the art of the soul, of the thing that connected the conscious mind to this dull plane of existence. Rain hammered around them. Manela wished it was … More Necromancer (A Teacup Story)

Decay (100 Words)

Nadine watched as the world crumbled at his feet. The magic tore through the town, turning the buildings and people alike into dust. He lowered his hand. “It is done,” he said, pulling his gloves over his decaying hands. It was the first sign, the skin rot, before the madness took hold. He walked away … More Decay (100 Words)

Music (From the Archives)

Geoff played the music not for practice, but to just let himself go. It was not something that non-musicians would understand. Whilst you had to learn the technical skill, whilst you had to practice again and again, whilst you could perform for hundreds upon thousands of people, making them cry, making them laugh, making them … More Music (From the Archives)

Luminous (A Teacup Story)

The stars twinkle above you, gently pulsing as they bubble and collapse upon the backdrop of the universe. You watch them throughout the night. Hoping for guidance. Wisdom. Assurance. Tomorrow, your country goes to battle. You lead it, at the front, donned in the glory of armour, a canvas to be painted with the blood … More Luminous (A Teacup Story)

Each Draft is an Improvement (Monday Inspiration)

Every time you work on your draft, you make your story better. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph you look at and consider is another word closer to your final novel. Keep going. Keep editing. Keep drafting. And one day, the story on your page will match the one in your mind.

Innocent (From the Archives)

“Look, Mummy, I found a butterfly!” Natalie smiled at her son, who was bouncing up and down with only the energy a young child could muster, pointing at a bush. “Just coming,” Natalie said, as she put down her garden trowel and pushed herself to standing. Her knee was killing like a bitch today, she … More Innocent (From the Archives)


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