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After the Battle (A Teacup Story)

“How are you doing, now?” Yinla asked. Oaleth poked the fire with the end of a stick. The smoke curled upwards into the night sky. “That’s a loaded question,” he replied, looking up at the stars above. They twinkled back, quietly watching over the world below. The world they had just saved. “Alright,” Oaleth said, … More After the Battle (A Teacup Story)

Daylight (100 Words)

Minria peered out of the crack in the door. She could see the daylight streaming through the gap, illuminating the dust motes of their hide out. Three months Below had been tough. She’d dreamt of this day every night, the ability to go outside and see the sky once more. Feel the sun on her … More Daylight (100 Words)

Lessons from Flowers (Teacup Story)

Flowers can teach us a lot. They can teach us about what it takes to grow. That you have to be fed with the basics of human needs before you can truly flourish. That everyone grows at their own rate, and that other people’s journey cannot be compared to your own. They teach us that … More Lessons from Flowers (Teacup Story)

Candle (100 Words)

Yailn watched the candle flicker on the end of the bath, letting her thoughts wander.  The week had been hard. Watching the world turn to dust outside as she just did boring mundane work. Sometimes she wished there was a higher calling she could answer to, a nobler cause. But there wasn’t, not for her. … More Candle (100 Words)

Peace (Stories on a Theme – “Hope”)

“What do you think?” Ilyen asked, taking another bite out of his dinner. The burrito juice dribbled out of the end of the paper wrapping, spilling onto the metal of the car. It sizzled gently when it hit. “Think?” Gyn replied, looking over at his husband with confusion. “Of the view,” Ilyen asked, gesturing out … More Peace (Stories on a Theme – “Hope”)


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How To: Beat Writer’s Block

You sit down, open up your current project and…. Nothing happens. You try to re-read the previous night’s work, working your way into the scene. But no ideas spark, and the words you try and write just feel boring. Dull. Ever had this? Then, like all writers you’ve had writer’s block! The topic of today’s … More How To: Beat Writer’s Block

A New Leaf (August Blog)

And just like that, the end of August arrives. Despite having been out of the September/September school year for quite a few years now, there is still a sense of renewal at the end of August. September still holds that refreshing newsness even if it no longer holds the excited nerves of starting a new … More A New Leaf (August Blog)

A Message to Past Me

As a kid, the phrase “you can’t spell” was always a synonym for “you’re an idiot” and/or the equally wonderful “you can’t write”. For me, hearing that phrase repeated was one of the worst things about school. Most of all, because it was then suggested that anything with the written language was somehow out of … More A Message to Past Me

How To: The Business of Writing

Any information contained in this article should be construed as legal advice and is not intended to be a substitute the appropriate legal or other professional advice in your jurisdiction. So, writing a novel is one part of the process, but actually making it a living? That’s a whole other ballgame. Whilst I’m still working … More How To: The Business of Writing

Start Again (July Update)

July has come and gone. This month has been a lesson in managing my time, finding time to do some exercise, and finally get a sourdough dough that didn’t overprove before going into the oven. We’re still in the weird world of lockdown. I’m still working from home for the near foreseeable (much to the … More Start Again (July Update)

Why High Fantasy is Great

I’ve previously written on why everyone should read a fantasy book at least once. But today, it’s all about the High Fantasy, why it’s brilliant, and why you should definitely be stocking some more on your “To Read” lists on Goodreads. What is High Fantasy? High Fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy, which is based … More Why High Fantasy is Great


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