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Reclaiming Ara’banthe

Fathie pulled her headphones over her ears. The noise of the city, the thrum of the cars and the rhythmic thudding of footfalls were drowned out in an instant. Breathe, she told herself. Everything would be okay, after today. Everything would be just as it should be. She turned on her music, and the sound … More Reclaiming Ara’banthe

They Don’t Own You (100 Words)

There are many what ifs. Many maybes. A few near misses, a few but what about- All of them are meaningless. They’re not real. They’re conjecture, a thought that has no more meaning than the dreams you draw up in your sleep. They don’t hold you. They don’t own you. They’re not you.

The Document (A Teacup Story)

“You got it?” Fethna asked as Nattali got into the car. “Ye of little faith,” Nattali said, pulling out the folder from under her jacket. It hadn’t been a particularly hard lift, just distract the guards and the receptionist was practically gagging to get someone as important as the Lieutenant of the Fifth Quarter at … More The Document (A Teacup Story)

Rain (100 Words)

Outside, the rain lashed down onto the windowpane. It’s almost calming, watching the calamity of the storm outside. It’s out there, and you’re in here. In that moment, you can almost imagine the swirling vortex of thoughts in your mind are out there instead. Just for that moment, your mind is calm. You can hear … More Rain (100 Words)

New Love (A Teacup Story)

“So,” Iuen asked, “what do you think?” Ealia looked over at Iuen. Part of her wondered absently if he would ever get the grass stains out of his grey officers robes. Maybe he’d get ribbed for it back at the officer’s mess, interrogated to find out who his mysterious lover was. “Think of what?” she … More New Love (A Teacup Story)

Wisdom (A 100 Words Story)

What is wisdom? I mean, it’s not an age thing. Wisdom can be youthful. It’s not a knowledge thing, not always. Wisdom can be granted even without full knowledge of the facts. I suppose it’s a pause before a response. A deep breath. A truth, kindly put. Designed to help someone forward. To break through … More Wisdom (A 100 Words Story)

After the Battle (A Teacup Story)

“How are you doing, now?” Yinla asked. Oaleth poked the fire with the end of a stick. The smoke curled upwards into the night sky. “That’s a loaded question,” he replied, looking up at the stars above. They twinkled back, quietly watching over the world below. The world they had just saved. “Alright,” Oaleth said, … More After the Battle (A Teacup Story)


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How To: Choosing Main Characters

I’ve previously written about choosing a POV for your story, and how many POVs you want to use in your story. This month, as my first topic for my new newsletter, I’m picking a key topic for any writing project: who is my main character? You can have more than 1 main character, and I … More How To: Choosing Main Characters

Goodbye, 2020

New Years Eve. Traditionally a time for remembrance, a time to reflect on the year gone by. However, for 2020, I think a lot of time will be spent wishing for a new year with new possibilities whilst mourning the year we have lost. This year has been brutal for everyone worldwide. The world has … More Goodbye, 2020

Time for a Change

Looking back over the past few months, all my monthly blogs have started with a sense of amazement that another month has come and gone. Lockdown continues, and so does work from home, and as such life is bleeding into one continuous stream of something that I’m really not quite sure what I’ve done in. … More Time for a Change

How To: What is GDPR?

Any information contained in this article should be construed as legal advice and is not intended to be a substitute the appropriate legal or other professional advice in your jurisdiction. If you collect emails or names for your newsletters, then you will likely be aware of the numerous rules around collecting names and sending emails. … More How To: What is GDPR?

Autumnal Thoughts (October Update)

October has been one of those months which has spun past me at a rate of knots. One moment we are mourning the ending of Summer, and the next I find myself flung fully into a non-daylight saving timezone, featuring dark mornings and even darker nights. This month, I’ve allowed myself to restructure my novel … More Autumnal Thoughts (October Update)

Take Your Time (Opinion Blog)

Social media, along with a fun mix of “look how much this person achieved before they were 30!” media stories, has created an invisible expectation on anyone trying to achieve any goal that you simply must achieve those goals as fast as possible. “So and So person made their own business by the time they … More Take Your Time (Opinion Blog)

How To: Multiple POVs

Points of View, or POVs, can be a powerful tool when writing fantasy or science fiction stories. Not only is it common across both genres, it allows you to explore aspects of a story that would otherwise be lost if you were to use one point of view. However, POVs also introduce an exponential level … More How To: Multiple POVs


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