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Teacup Story – Scars

Heni pulled the cloth over her face, wincing as the chemicals pulled off the makeup that had stained her face all day. She was used to the sting now, the scar tissue was always more sensitive than the un-scarred skin. She washed the cloth under the tap, before applying more lotion to the cloth and … More Teacup Story – Scars

100 Words – Headache

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.] Nela groaned. “It’s going to hurt,” Dr Relch said, giving Nela a not-very-sympathetic-look, “you got bitten by a Begral after all.” Nela groaned again. It was too light, her head ached, the pounding inside her skull wouldn’t go … More 100 Words – Headache

Short Story – Oela

Oela – Yela searched the site of her ancestral home, hoping to find answers before the oncoming storm of Colonists arrived in the Quadrant. What she found, however, was something she wasn’t expecting (Genre – Sci Fi, Genre – Fantasy, Rating – 12) (Picture Credit – Sweetie187, Flickr) When Yela held up her flare above her head, … More Short Story – Oela

Teacup Story – Ghosts

Ghosts – Raela fights the undead deep within the caves below the earth. (Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Action, Rating – 12) The first ghost was an easy hit as it rounded the top of the staircase. Raela loosed the arrow and began searching for the second ghost that she could sense was lurking round the … More Teacup Story – Ghosts

Teacup story – Starlight

Starlight – Even starlight dies. (Genre – General , Rating – PG) The stars shine. They have shined for millennia. They shine across the emptiness of space, where no sound can travel, a silent marker to enable humanity to describe the universe.

Teacup story – Breakfast at the Bakery

Teacup story – a story short enough to fit into a teacup. Breakfast at the Bakery – Emi went to Mistress Ijo’s bakery in the hope of some work, and maybe even a piece of bread. – (Genre – General, Genre – Fantasy, Rating – PG)   Emi peered into the bakers, her stomach growling. The window was … More Teacup story – Breakfast at the Bakery