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March of the Valentas

Ashayra was taller than Miaken expected. He knew that she was from the South, and like all Southeners was always going to be tall, but he did expect her to have to stoop beneath the wooden beamed ceiling to avoid hitting her head. Even Miaken who was the tallest out of most of the people he knew, had a good … More March of the Valentas

My thoughts on The Poppy War

The Poppy War by R.F.Kuang is a book I first stumbled upon when meandering through the quiet bookshelves of Waterstones on a “just let’s have a look and not buy anything” book hunts. Whenever I go to bookstores, I like to try get a flavour of the book from the first few pages – it is how I found The … More My thoughts on The Poppy War

The Purpose of an Antagonist

If you’ve read anything about character building, you’ve probably heard about the term “antagonist” before. You might even know who in your book is going to be set up to be the antagonist, but you might not know where to start with building them. This is where understanding the purpose of an antagonist in your story is important. If you … More The Purpose of an Antagonist

My Favourite Writing Soundtracks

For me, writing is intrinsically linked to music. What music I am listening to will dictate the outcome of a particular scene or character, and some characters even have particular albums dedicated to their Points of View! Here are my top five writing soundtracks at the moment, and why I enjoy them so much: Assassins Creed III My all time … More My Favourite Writing Soundtracks

What makes a Main Character?

There are lots of different ways you can define the concept of a main character. They’re the ones with the Points of View (POVs), they’re the ones with the most chapters, or they’re the ones that the story revolves around. A main character, for me, is a little bit of all of those three. Importantly, they’re the ones that drive … More What makes a Main Character?

Reclaiming Ara’banthe

Fathie pulled her headphones over her ears. The noise of the city, the thrum of the cars and the rhythmic thudding of footfalls were drowned out in an instant. Breathe, she told herself. Everything would be okay, after today. Everything would be just as it should be. She turned on her music, and the sound of gentle guitars drifted into … More Reclaiming Ara’banthe

After the Battle (A Teacup Story)

“How are you doing, now?” Yinla asked. Oaleth poked the fire with the end of a stick. The smoke curled upwards into the night sky. “That’s a loaded question,” he replied, looking up at the stars above. They twinkled back, quietly watching over the world below. The world they had just saved. “Alright,” Oaleth said, “I suppose.” His wife stared … More After the Battle (A Teacup Story)

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The Curse of the Silver (Short Story)

When Captain Iona finds one of her team dead next to a statue of Raem II, she knows that someone has stolen a cursed object with the notorious Queen Raem II’s tomb. But as more bodies pile up, time is running out to find out who the killer is. And Iona has her own secrets, ones which are more deadly that she realises. … More The Curse of the Silver (Short Story)

Short Story – Oela

Oela – Yela searched the site of her ancestral home, hoping to find answers before the oncoming storm of Colonists arrived in the Quadrant. What she found, however, was something she wasn’t expecting (Genre – Sci Fi, Genre – Fantasy, Rating – 12) (Picture Credit – Sweetie187, Flickr) When Yela held up her flare above her head, she felt the world sing. … More Short Story – Oela