Flash Fiction – On the Hunt (From the Archives)

First posted in 2015. || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash “Why do we have to listen to this again?” Ake grumbled. “Because I’m the driver,” Sarah replied, slapping Ake’s hand away from the radio. The engine of the car roared loudly as she accelerated down the empty road.It was a long drive, this hunt was going to … More Flash Fiction – On the Hunt (From the Archives)

Flash Fiction – Exhaustion (A Teacup Story)

“GET UP!” The Commander’s voice boomed through the barracks, “IT’S TESTING DAY!” Ethye groaned, pulling the covers over her head. Her body ached from yesterday’s practice time trial, her head burned with the alcohol they had drunk afterwards, and her whole sense of self was screaming to stay in the bed. The door to the … More Flash Fiction – Exhaustion (A Teacup Story)

Teacup Story – Forgiveness cannot be brought

Forgiveness cannot be brought – Kiela did not want to forgive her mother. She didn’t deserve it. However, her father disagreed (Genre – Fiction, Rating – 15, Warnings: implied child abuse) “I don’t want to forgive her,” Kiela hissed at her father. “You must,” her father replied. That was his standard reply. Forgive your mother. Ignore … More Teacup Story – Forgiveness cannot be brought

Teacup – Justice

Justice – Grall needed justice for her people, and that meant like for like. (Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Action, Rating – 15, Warnings: Violence) “Justice,” Grall whispered into the ear of the corpse, sliding her dagger from the body with ease. She dropped the body, which had once been Sitter Trin, on the floor. It … More Teacup – Justice