How To: Endings

Endings of a story have a special place in my writerly heart. Finding the right ending to a story, especially a longer project that I’ve been working on for a while, is a large reason why I write. So, how do you write a good ending? I’ve got some top three tips to consider when … More How To: Endings

How To: Middles

The middle. The point of the story were the story finds its feet. It’s also the point where the writer of the story can lose their mind. Middles, I’ve found are always a tough nut to crack. They’re the point where your motivation is beginning to wane, the point where pacing becomes more than just … More How To: Middles

How To: Beginnings

Beginnings. The blank page, staring at you, almost mockingly. The cursor blinking. Write something. Write something. Write something. We’ve all been there, at the start of a new project or story, with no idea of where the road will lead us. Regardless of whether you’re an architect or a gardener, there will always be a … More How To: Beginnings