Leap of Faith – Prompts on a Theme Special (Valentines Day)

Another short flash fiction based on the prompt “Valentines Day”. Happy valentines!  Maria loved stories with happy endings. The romance ones especially, the ones where two people were just in sync. Partners against the world. She hugged her favorite novel close to her chest – The First Love by Agatha Stawdrop. It helped, a little, … More Leap of Faith – Prompts on a Theme Special (Valentines Day)

Choice – Prompts on a Theme Special (Valentines Day)

A short story on love because it’s Valentines day! Happy valentines everyone! There is a moment between the “I love you” and the response. The pause when you take in the meaning of those words, the weight of them, the feelings woven into them. Small words, one might think. A small sentence, others may say. … More Choice – Prompts on a Theme Special (Valentines Day)

100 Words – Relationship

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.] A tie between two people, beyond all promises and vows. Beyond all rings and ceremonies. The foundation that you have to build upon, every day. Apologies, when warranted. Fighting your corner, when needed. Loving, always.