Not anywhere

Dead Dead. Not alive. Not here. Not anywhere that I can perceive. Just. Not here. What does that mean for life, when death is so swift and random. How can there be order in the chaos of the world when there is nothing other than chaos. I suppose some people turn to faith. Others turn … More Not anywhere

New Day

Each day is an unknown. It doesn’t feel like an unknown. You can have plans, have thoughts, have things to do. But each day is an unknown. Treat it as such. See the beauty in it.

Rain (100 Words)

Outside, the rain lashed down onto the windowpane. It’s almost calming, watching the calamity of the storm outside. It’s out there, and you’re in here. In that moment, you can almost imagine the swirling vortex of thoughts in your mind are out there instead. Just for that moment, your mind is calm. You can hear … More Rain (100 Words)

Stress (100 Words)

It settles beneath your skin, into your very bones. You cannot help it. It is like a virus, slipping past your defences. You cannot help but feel the cold shiver running down your spine as you look at the clock and calculate how little time you have. The ask is too much, you know it. … More Stress (100 Words)

Slide (100 Words)

It’s not a breaking of a bond, but more a loosening. You see it, at first. The distance that has grown between you. Not from hatred, or any passionate emotion if you where honest. Just a quiet boredom that has gnawed away at you for years upon years. You know it will not last. You … More Slide (100 Words)

Flash Fiction – Past (Stories on a Theme “Mystery”)

What is behind you can be forgotten. Technically. I mean, technically, it is no longer here and now. It is then and was and it’s not going to hurt you here. In the present. But you can’t shake the feeling that sits in your stomach, or in your fists or in your crossed legs. That … More Flash Fiction – Past (Stories on a Theme “Mystery”)

Flash Fiction – Believe (Stories on a Theme “Human”)

The world will get better. You hope. The world will be kinder. You hope. The world will still be alive in the future. You hope. And yet, even though the world around you burns in the fires of forests and politics, you believe that there is hope still, hope that the world will still get … More Flash Fiction – Believe (Stories on a Theme “Human”)