Traits of a Turned

“You don’t understand me” he said, head in his hands, “you can’t see inside my head.” Amily sighed at her brother. He was in a sorry state, not that she would tell him that. Bandaged up, more white cloth than skin was visible on his legs and arms. On his head sat a helmet covered … More Traits of a Turned

Flash Fiction – Hide (Stories on a Theme – “Facade”)

Don’t come out, whatever you hear. That was what Josie had told her. Big sister Josie, the brave one out of the two of them. Always ready to protect her siblings no matter what. “Stay quiet,” Nei whispered to her brother,Ilo. He stuck his bottom lip out, but he understood.  “And no magic,” she said. … More Flash Fiction – Hide (Stories on a Theme – “Facade”)

Flash Fiction – Leave me Be (Stories on a Theme – “Space”)

Vekna wiped her blade clean with a bloodied rag.  The blood sluced off the end of the blade, dripping onto the muddy stone floor. The body of the Corps agent lay at her feet, limbs splayed in an unnatural way. “Oops,” Vekna said, sheathing her sword. The Corps were so inefficient with the people they … More Flash Fiction – Leave me Be (Stories on a Theme – “Space”)