Not anywhere

Dead Dead. Not alive. Not here. Not anywhere that I can perceive. Just. Not here. What does that mean for life, when death is so swift and random. How can there be order in the chaos of the world when there is nothing other than chaos. I suppose some people turn to faith. Others turn … More Not anywhere

Fear (100 Words)

The feeling was not of anger or of hatred. It was the bone sinking, gut wrenching quiet whisper of doubt.  It was the thoughts Felicity didn’t even know where there until Gerrard had pointed them out. Her snappiness. Her temper.  She was scared, scared for them all, but she’d never admit it.  She’d never admit … More Fear (100 Words)

Flash Fiction – Vacuum (Stories on a Theme – “Space”)

Geyle watched the world spin below her. She tapped her foot gently on the window that separated her from the vacuum of space. The sound echoed inside the table, a gentle tap tap tap to match the gentle rhythm of her heartbeat. Most hated the training area, being exposed on four sides to the vast … More Flash Fiction – Vacuum (Stories on a Theme – “Space”)

Flash Fiction – Floating (Stories on a Theme “Control”)

In the last moments of his existence, Trenlti felt himself in awe of the vast expanse of space open up before him. He tried to reach for the rope, inches out of his grasp. But he couldn’t reach it, and so he just floated away, tumbling in a vacuum with nowhere anchoring him to reality. … More Flash Fiction – Floating (Stories on a Theme “Control”)