Enchantment (Stories on a Theme – “Magic”)

“Come on,” Vayner hissed at the tablet at his feet, “take Gods damn you.” The tablet, a piece of slate fifteen inches by fifteen inches, stayed stubbornly still at his feet. At the centre of the tablet was a small circular hole two inches across. Vayner groaned, looking over at his notes. According to the … More Enchantment (Stories on a Theme – “Magic”)

Ruins of Palen (Stories on a Theme – “Weak”)

“Finally,” Casei said, resting her hand on her knees as she caught her breath, “we’re here.” Sam snorted next to her. Casei glared at him. “What,” Sam remarked, pulling off his gloves and taking a drink out of his water bottle, “it’s another three hours to Palen from here. “We’re in the outer edges of … More Ruins of Palen (Stories on a Theme – “Weak”)

Tiola’s Bay (Stories on a Theme – “Sea”)

“Docked, Captain!” Captain Elaya Truthwatch tipped the edge of her hat at her First Mate, Rodgers, to acknowledge the information. “We’re here for five days, Crew!” she yelled over the ship. Her voice carried easily in the still breeze, “be respectful, but more importantly, drink them dry!” The Crew cheered. Those on the first rotation … More Tiola’s Bay (Stories on a Theme – “Sea”)

Spark (100 Words)

“So,” Faiya said, moving her sword off the side of the bench and buckling it to her waist, “what do you say?” Ingeot tapped his leg thoughtfully. He always did that when he thought no one could notice. One of his ticks. “Sure,” he said, standing up, “fighting a horde of demons with you? Where … More Spark (100 Words)