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Why Self Care is Important (Opinion Blog)

I have an ongoing balance between finding enough time to write, and then beating myself up when something else takes priority. It’s a constant balance that I’ve talked about before, which dominates most of my walking moments. If you were to google online how long it takes to write a book (let alone write it),… Continue reading Why Self Care is Important (Opinion Blog)

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Flash Fiction – Morning Rain (100 Words)

Neura looked up at the grey sky above her porch. There were a few drops of rain, splashing on the path that led out to the main street. Big, heavy raindrops that slapped the path when they connected with the earth, leaving a wet footprint on the smooth black tile. They needed this, the rain.… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Morning Rain (100 Words)

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Flash Fiction – Electric (Stories on a Theme “Power”)

Unlet looked at her hands, watching the electricity crackle between her fingers. In that moment, the mess of the room, from the broken bookshelves and smashed windows, all fell away. She could feel it, feel the power coursing through her veins. She could still taste the tang of the potion on her tongue, a metallic… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Electric (Stories on a Theme “Power”)

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Flash Fiction – Turquoise (Stories on a Theme – “Blue”)

You know the colour three feet below the surface of the water? That’s it. That colour. The deep blue that mingles with green as the light slices through it. It surrounds you as you tread water, trying to hold your breath as you take in the space around you. Fish flitter by, darting through the… Continue reading Flash Fiction – Turquoise (Stories on a Theme – “Blue”)

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Tech Wiz- “Prompts on a Theme” (Future)

A short story based on this "Prompts on a Theme" - Future “You know whenever I come down here I'm never sure what I'm going to find,” Jasine said, leaning on the entrance door to the engineering section. Celiy had decked out the  small room with hundreds of photos of the elite starship The Baroness… Continue reading Tech Wiz- “Prompts on a Theme” (Future)

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100 – Submisson

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.] Submission is not the same of forgiveness. Submission is when you give up fighting, when you roll over and just accept the barbaric treatment thrown at you. Heris wanted them to believe he had submitted. He wanted them… Continue reading 100 – Submisson