Monthly Updates

My monthly blog on what I’ve been up to, writing updates and things I’ve found interesting.

A Liminal Space (April Blog)

In what seems a lifetime ago, I remember sitting in my local airport at around six thirty in the morning waiting for my flight to Newcastle. It being a tiny airport, and me having turned up three hours early like it was an international flight from Heathrow, I had time to kill. So I went … More A Liminal Space (April Blog)

A World, Changed (March Update)

I spent a long time debating what to title this blog. “A World in Chaos”. “A World in Panic”. “A World gone mad”. But I decided to go with “A World, Changed”. Because yes, the spread of Corvid-19 is creating a situation unprecedented in the modern world. Quarantine. Social Distancing. Shops and spaces closing down. … More A World, Changed (March Update)

Opinion Blog

My thoughts on all things fantasy and writing.

Monday Inspiration

My inspiration post-its, packaged as a blog post and shared with the internet.

Keep Going (Monday Inspiration)

Keep going with it. It’s hard, this writing thing. It’s hard to write a book, or short story, or even flash fiction. Sometimes you aren’t motivated, other times you don’t have the time. Maybe you’re just stuck in a rut. Keep going. Keep trying. You will find your words again.

Read More Stories (Monday Inspiration)

Reading is as important to be a good writer as it is to practice writing. You can see how other stories are constructed and written, how they’ve dealt with the same plot pains you have, how they’ve created tension and pacing. Reading also allows you to be a reader again, just a reader enjoying a … More Read More Stories (Monday Inspiration)

Each Draft is an Improvement (Monday Inspiration)

Every time you work on your draft, you make your story better. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph you look at and consider is another word closer to your final novel. Keep going. Keep editing. Keep drafting. And one day, the story on your page will match the one in your mind.

Be Kind to You (Monday Inspiration)

Writing is a creative hobby that is both individual and isolating. And there is a beauty in that, the individuality of your story is what makes it yours. And the isolation from the world is what gives your mind space to travel to far off places and create worlds so different to our own. But … More Be Kind to You (Monday Inspiration)

The First Draft (Monday Inspiration)

First drafts are supposed to be messy. They’re supposed to be full of holes and phrases that don’t quite work. The words that are in bold because you haven’t created that part of the world yet, or names of people you haven’t thought through. It’s okay if your first draft doesn’t work. Because your second … More The First Draft (Monday Inspiration)

Make Your Reality (Monday Inspiration)

You can make your dream into a reality. You can work towards it, day by day, until each tiny little change that you make, each tiny adjustment in your course, points you towards your goal. One day, you’ll stop and realise. You made it. You made your dream a reality.

Don't Burn Out (Monday Inspiration)

Passion projects are intoxicating because they are so involved. You can be sucked into them and loose all sense of space and time. It is just you and the words, and your act of creation. But remember to take a step back. To breathe. To give yourself time to recover. Otherwise you’ll burn out.

Anything is Possible (Monday Inspiration)

Don’t limit yourself. Don’t limit your dreams. The world is big, your drive is unbeatable, and your dreams are special. Stop telling yourself that you can’t do everything. Start showing yourself that you can.