Monthly Updates

My monthly blog on what I’ve been up to, writing updates and things I’ve found interesting.

Where did that go?

So my end of March blog post has become a start of April blog post. Which seems to summarise how March has gone, quite frankly. March is one of those months, every years, almost without fail, where something changes. Whether it is the pressures of the financial year at work, or the changing of the … More Where did that go?

Writing is the Challenge

February has rushed away from me, taking with it the dregs of winter. We finally have sight of spring on the horizon, lighter mornings and the first new daffodils budding in the ground. There is a simple joy in appreciating the world around you, and I cannot help but the last year of varying forms … More Writing is the Challenge

Let’s Do This

 January, for me, is always a month of working out what I want to do. Figuring out what I want to set as my goals for the new year, working out what I want to do better last year, and setting my goals far too high. January has been an exciting month, as much as … More Let’s Do This

Goodbye, 2020

New Years Eve. Traditionally a time for remembrance, a time to reflect on the year gone by. However, for 2020, I think a lot of time will be spent wishing for a new year with new possibilities whilst mourning the year we have lost. This year has been brutal for everyone worldwide. The world has … More Goodbye, 2020

Opinion Blog

My thoughts on all things fantasy and writing.

Why Tropes are a good thing

Let’s talk about tropes – those storytelling shorthand cues that give the reader a clue as to what will happen next. In any kind of creative activity, you end up using shorthand triggers that act like cues to the reader. Used well, these cues can increase tension or help create an air of familiarity around … More Why Tropes are a good thing

Why Writing Goals are Important

I do love a good goal. I particularly enjoy setting goals, even if I know they are overly ambitious and slightly ridiculous. Despite the current chaos of the world, here are my three reasons why writing goals are as important as ever: 1)      Goals give you a location to work towards The end of your … More Why Writing Goals are Important

Monday Inspiration

My inspiration post-its, packaged as a blog post and shared with the internet.

You Will Finish (Monday Inspiration)

It might not seem like it, but tell yourself the truth. You will finish this, one day. In the hardest, brutal parts of the creative journey, keep reminding yourself. You will finish.

Stay Creative (Monday Inspiration)

You don’t have to have just one creative hobby. Have many, have a variety of them. Then you can re-fill your creative well in different ways.

Get Started (Monday Inspiration)

The Beginning. The blank page staring at you. Taunting you. Don’t let it. The blank page is unwritten because it has endless possibilities. Seize them. Get started with your writing.

Dream Big (Monday Inspiration)

Dreams are supposed to be limitless creatures, sailing over the unrestricted waters of a reality where anything is possible. Don’t limit your dreams, not in that magical world. Don’t let reality tarnish them. Keep your hope, and your dreams, in the precious space in your heart.

Pace Yourself (Monday Inspiration)

You can’t do everything all of the time. You have to pace yourself. Take one thing at a time. And it’s okay if that thing isn’t your creative work. It’ll wait for you, when you come back to it. Just make sure you keep your pace.

Don’t Forget to Read (Monday Inspiration)

Don’t forget to read widely. Stories you like, stories you hate, stories like your own project, stories completely different to your own project. To write, you have to read. Keep reading.

The Journey takes Time (Monday Inspiration)

Every journey has its own timeframe. Every journey has its own route. Every journey has its own purpose. Your journey for each creative project is completely unique. Let the journey take its time, its route. Let yourself find the purpose of the project.

Let’s See (Monday Inspiration)

See what you can achieve this week. Even if it’s just ten words on your manuscript. Even if it’s just thinking about ten words on your manuscript. Let’s see what you can achieve this week.