Monthly Updates

My monthly blog on what I’ve been up to, writing updates and things I’ve found interesting.

Start Again (July Update)

July has come and gone. This month has been a lesson in managing my time, finding time to do some exercise, and finally get a sourdough dough that didn’t overprove before going into the oven. We’re still in the weird world of lockdown. I’m still working from home for the near foreseeable (much to the … More Start Again (July Update)

Taking Time Out (June Update)

We are now over half way through 2020. It feels surreal to say that. Time has become such a loose concept now that I consider the passing of it in the events on the news. Readers of my Summer Newsletter would have already read about my progress I’ve made with my WIP Assassins 1. The … More Taking Time Out (June Update)

Living in Uncertain (May Update)

This month has been another month of the uncertain. Uncertain routine, uncertain world, uncertain possibilities. In the backdrop of all of this uncertainty, writing has both been a gift and a curse. Gift, because it gives me some much needed structure and a longer term goal than get through this week. A curse, because amidst … More Living in Uncertain (May Update)

A Liminal Space (April Update)

In what seems a lifetime ago, I remember sitting in my local airport at around six thirty in the morning waiting for my flight to Newcastle. It being a tiny airport, and me having turned up three hours early like it was an international flight from Heathrow, I had time to kill. So I went … More A Liminal Space (April Update)

Opinion Blog

My thoughts on all things fantasy and writing.

Why High Fantasy is Great

I’ve previously written on why everyone should read a fantasy book at least once. But today, it’s all about the High Fantasy, why it’s brilliant, and why you should definitely be stocking some more on your “To Read” lists on Goodreads. What is High Fantasy? High Fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy, which is based … More Why High Fantasy is Great

Unproductive? That’s okay

I’ve seen lots of posts over the last few months that are all about being productive. Using new freed up time from lack of commutes or being furloughed to create. But, as we all know, that’s not how creativity works. The last few months have been stressful. Horrific. Anxiety inducing. Sure, creating can alleviate this … More Unproductive? That’s okay

Monday Inspiration

My inspiration post-its, packaged as a blog post and shared with the internet.

Time is Relative (Monday Inspiration)

Sure, some people write their novels faster than others. Some people started the journey sooner, and so have already shown signs of success. Others have been at it for years, and are now reaping the rewards. Time is relative to each journey. Each person comes to the journey with their own barriers and difficulties they … More Time is Relative (Monday Inspiration)

Change is Good (Monday Inspiration)

Not just in your story, but in life. Change brings you new opportunities, new challenges, new places to explore and experience. Change can be scary. Change is good because it is scary. It’ll be alright. You’ll be alright. Maybe, it’ll be brilliant.

The Positive Bucket (Monday Inspiration)

We all have two buckets inside of us, the negative bucket and the positive bucket. Focus on filling up the positive bucket. Save every compliment, every kind word, every award, every success into that bucket. When times are hard. When you’re scared. When you’re wringing your hands. Bouncing your leg. Heart pounding. Remember the positive … More The Positive Bucket (Monday Inspiration)

Never Stop Learning (Monday Inspiration)

Don’t just “write what you know.” Learn about what you don’t know. Question your own understanding of the universe and the systems that have given you the life you lead. Ask yourself what you can learn about the world that will change that perspective. Then add what you’ve learn to your story. It is not … More Never Stop Learning (Monday Inspiration)

It Will Happen (Monday Inspiration)

You might not feel it today, but your dreams will happen. It might feel like an uphill battle today, but tomorrow you will be three steps further up the mountain. It might feel long, but the day after tomorrow you will marvel at how far you’ve come. It might feel tiring, but you can envisage … More It Will Happen (Monday Inspiration)

Be Inspired (Monday Inspiration)

When you read something that makes you feel jealous of the author’s writing, take a step back. Remember you are here to learn. What about their writing makes you wish you could do it yourself? Lean from other authors, other writers. Take what they do and add it into your own portfolio of work. There … More Be Inspired (Monday Inspiration)

Be Bold (Monday Inspiration)

Take chances. Write something new. Write something risky. Writing the first draft is your chance to try new things. Test out your ideas, no matter how silly or risky they might be. You might be amazed as to what you find out.