Monthly Updates

My monthly blog on what I’ve been up to, writing updates and things I’ve found interesting.

August Thoughts

August has been a lot like July in terms of creativity. A month to be outside, doing things rather than sitting at a desk writing. One thing I’ve been trying to tackle is the middle plot for my ongoing WIP. You can read more on my update here. Outside of writing, I’ve been fiddling with … More August Thoughts

A time of Doing Things

Whenever I look at the month of July on my writing wordcount spreadsheet, it is always a lower number, without fail, every year. Summertime, even with the hangover of the pandemic still thundering across the collective world’s mind, is a time of being outside. It’s a time of doing things, even if the things you’re … More A time of Doing Things

Reflections on Half a Year

Summer time is a time of transition. A time of transition from the early spring to the full bloom of warmth and sunshine (or in the case of the UK, rainstorms), and a time to reflect on the half of the year gone. When I look back at a lot of my posts over the … More Reflections on Half a Year

Summer Thoughts

Another month has come and gone, and now we’re hurtling straight into the summer months. This last month has been much like the last, although this month I’ve been generating more blogs than I have previously. It’s been fun, I enjoy writing opinion pieces and novel updates, especially as I can still write them over … More Summer Thoughts


My thoughts on all things fantasy, writing and anything else.

Writers Block can be a Blessing

It’s not just all about the negative when it comes to writer’s block. In fact, I think writer’s block can be a blessing in certain circumstances. We’re too hard on our creative selves to create, create, created, and sometimes there is a point where you have to stop. You might need a break Last month … More Writers Block can be a Blessing

The Basics of a Fantasy Story

The fantasy genre may be a vast, magical landscape, but there are always three core areas of any fantasy story that are key – worldbuilding, magic systems, and themes. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at writing a fantasy story, these areas are a great place to begin your fantasy journey – check … More The Basics of a Fantasy Story

Wordcounts aren’t everything

Wordcounts are a stable of any writer’s life. They’re an excellent way to measure progress through a draft, and a good way of working out how your pacing is working through a story. But they’re not everything, and here are my three reasons why: You can pick other goals I’ve spoken before about writing goals, … More Wordcounts aren’t everything

Monday Inspiration

My inspiration post-its, packaged as a blog post and shared with the internet.

What will be, will be (Monday Inspiration)

Start showing yourself It’ll be what it will be, your story. Whatever you create, even if it’s different from what you planned. Let your creativity take it’s course, and see what you can make. Featured Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Anything is Possible (Monday Inspiration)

Don’t limit yourself. Don’t limit your dreams. The world is big, your drive is unbeatable, and your dreams are special. Stop telling yourself that you can’t do everything. Start showing yourself that you can. First Posted in March 2020

You will have Readers (Monday Inspiration)

It doesn’t matter whether you have one reader, ten readers or hundreds of thousands of readers. Someone will want to read your story. So keep writing it.

Write for You (Monday Inspiration)

Write, first and foremost, for you. Your story is your own. It is told firstly for yourself. It is your time you spend on this, your emotion you pour into it. You wrap it up in the finest threads of your soul, this story, and give it to the world. So write for you, before … More Write for You (Monday Inspiration)

Make yourself Smile (Monday Inspiration)

Create something that brings you joy. That makes you smile. What you create is as personal to you as your DNA. Your experiences, your worldview, your thoughts and feelings, those are what make your story truely unique. It’s what drives your interests, your research, your late night writing sessions. Don’t worry about what the hypothetical … More Make yourself Smile (Monday Inspiration)

It is Possible (Monday Inspiration)

Your dreams are possible. No matter how remote that possibility, it is always there. Don’t give up hope. Don’t give up dreaming

I can do this (Monday Inspiration)

Remind yourself: I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. If you don’t believe in yourself then who will? So repeat after me: I can do this.

Try again Today (Monday Inspiration)

It’s not about winning, it’s about trying. It’s showing up, even though the last writing session knocked you back. Or the last rejection made you cry. It’s about standing up, dusting yourself off and trying again. Your dream is only possible if you keep trying. So try again today. First Posted in 2020