Monthly Updates

My monthly blog on what I’ve been up to, writing updates and things I’ve found interesting.

A New Leaf (August Blog)

And just like that, the end of August arrives. Despite having been out of the September/September school year for quite a few years now, there is still a sense of renewal at the end of August. September still holds that refreshing newsness even if it no longer holds the excited nerves of starting a new … More A New Leaf (August Blog)

Start Again (July Update)

July has come and gone. This month has been a lesson in managing my time, finding time to do some exercise, and finally get a sourdough dough that didn’t overprove before going into the oven. We’re still in the weird world of lockdown. I’m still working from home for the near foreseeable (much to the … More Start Again (July Update)

Taking Time Out (June Update)

We are now over half way through 2020. It feels surreal to say that. Time has become such a loose concept now that I consider the passing of it in the events on the news. Readers of my Summer Newsletter would have already read about my progress I’ve made with my WIP Assassins 1. The … More Taking Time Out (June Update)

Opinion Blog

My thoughts on all things fantasy and writing.

Take Your Time (Opinion Blog)

Social media, along with a fun mix of “look how much this person achieved before they were 30!” media stories, has created an invisible expectation on anyone trying to achieve any goal that you simply must achieve those goals as fast as possible. “So and So person made their own business by the time they … More Take Your Time (Opinion Blog)

Book over face, face, brain, woman, book,

A Message to Past Me

As a kid, the phrase “you can’t spell” was always a synonym for “you’re an idiot” and/or the equally wonderful “you can’t write”. For me, hearing that phrase repeated was one of the worst things about school. Most of all, because it was then suggested that anything with the written language was somehow out of … More A Message to Past Me

Monday Inspiration

My inspiration post-its, packaged as a blog post and shared with the internet.

15 Minutes (Monday Inspiration)

It only takes 15 minutes to add another 100 words to your story. That’s the same amount of time as social media, having a cup of tea or even getting dressed. You might not have all the time right now, but you can find 15 minutes.

The only limit is yourself (Monday Inspiration)

What is possible to achieve? That’s only limited by one person – you. The limits of your imagination. The limits of your courage. The limits of your determination.

You can find the time (Monday Inspiration)

You think you can’t write because you don’t have time? Good, that’s the start. Start with no time, and create five minutes. Then ten. Then, maybe, fifteen. Your writing does not have to take all day to help your progress.

You only live once (Monday Inspiration)

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Start today. Tomorrow is never guaranteed to turn out the way you hope. And tomorrow’s tomorrow? You can never take those for granted. So get to work. Today. Featured Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Take a Break (Monday Inspiration)

Sometimes you know you need to take a break. Sometimes there are things that slip, and that thing is your writing. And that’s okay. Sometimes other things take priority. Sometimes you need to take a step back. Trust yourself, take a break. Your project will be waiting when you come back.

Try Today (Monday Inspiration)

Yesterday might have been a good day to start, to progress. But you know what is the second best day to start, to progress? Today. So try today. You don’t have to hit wordcounts or achieve goals. Just try.

Trust (Monday Inspiration)

Trust your talent. Trust your passion. Trust your dreams. Trust yourself.

Lean Into Uncomfortable (Monday Inspiration)

Being uncomfortable is a good thing. It means you’re growing and learning and changing. It means you’re stretching yourself to new heights. Reaching new goals. Achieving new things. Lean into being uncomfortable.

Don’t Give Up Now (Monday Inspiration)

Your dreams are only as real as your relentless belief to follow them. They do not materialise without pain. They do not materialise with wishes or wants. Dreams are hard to create because there is the graft that takes it to get there. There are the setbacks, the moments of disbelief, the hardships that hold … More Don’t Give Up Now (Monday Inspiration)

Voluntary Job (Monday Inspiration)

Things you spend your time on that you have to do but don’t pay the bills? It’s your voluntary job. And like any voluntary job, you can’t do it every waking hour of the day. You have to carve out time for other activities to recharge. Because with your paid job and your voluntary job, … More Voluntary Job (Monday Inspiration)