Monthly Updates

My monthly blog on what I’ve been up to, writing updates and things I’ve found interesting.

Summer Thoughts

Another month has come and gone, and now we’re hurtling straight into the summer months. This last month has been much like the last, although this month I’ve been generating more blogs than I have previously. It’s been fun, I enjoy writing opinion pieces and novel updates, especially as I can still write them over … More Summer Thoughts

A Shift of Focus

And suddenly, just like that, we’re at the end of April, and another monthly round up of my thoughts, writing and other such things is out into the world. A Shift of focus Blogging for me has always been a side item in my writing life. Something to switch to from writing my novels or … More A Shift of Focus

Where did that go?

So my end of March blog post has become a start of April blog post. Which seems to summarise how March has gone, quite frankly. March is one of those months, every years, almost without fail, where something changes. Whether it is the pressures of the financial year at work, or the changing of the … More Where did that go?

Writing is the Challenge

February has rushed away from me, taking with it the dregs of winter. We finally have sight of spring on the horizon, lighter mornings and the first new daffodils budding in the ground. There is a simple joy in appreciating the world around you, and I cannot help but the last year of varying forms … More Writing is the Challenge


My thoughts on all things fantasy, writing and anything else.

Why I Write

To say I cannot write would be an understatement. To say I was a perfectionist would be a truth. To say I was a dreamer would be realistic. There are words locked within my mind, this I know. It’s the same feeling when you know that someone is standing behind you, but just out of sight. They … More Why I Write

Writing Lessons from Soughdough

My other lockdown hobby, aside from trawling through Netflix and trying to make my chilli plants grow, is baking sourdough. As someone whose never really baked consistently before (apart from the odd cake), I hopped onto the good old baking bandwagon back in April last year like many other Brits. In doing so, I had … More Writing Lessons from Soughdough

Monday Inspiration

My inspiration post-its, packaged as a blog post and shared with the internet.

See what you can do (Monday Inspiration)

It might feel like you have an impossible mountain to climb this week, and that’s okay. Show up. See what you can do. You might surprise yourself in the process.

Make It So (Monday Inspiration)

Create the future you want to believe in. Make it possible. Trying to follow a dream is more than just creating the thought. It’s digging deeper in yourself and finding a way to make it possible. Even if you know there will be pitfalls, even if you know it will be hard. You can create … More Make It So (Monday Inspiration)

Keep Editing (Monday Inspiration)

Editing is hard because you are far away from the new-ness of the beginning and still far away from the end goal you hold in your mind. Everyone has this. Everyone has tough days, hard days, days where nothing is achieved. It’s okay when you’ve had tough days. Keep going. Keep editing.

Believe In You (Monday Inspiration)

Only you can believe in yourself. No matter whose else believes in you too, you know you can do this. You wouldn’t have tried otherwise. It’s nice to have other’s believe in your vision. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that what you are trying to create is meaningful. But external validation is just … More Believe In You (Monday Inspiration)

Let’s try something new (Monday Inspiration)

You don’t always need the same project all the time. If your current creative project is stalling, give yourself permission to try something new. You might be amazed at what you create.

Time Out (Monday Inspiration)

Taking time out from writing is okay. It might not feel like what you need to do right this second, when time pressures are on you and you’re watching the clock click down to the close of another writing session. But maybe today is the day you need to think. To sit and breathe with … More Time Out (Monday Inspiration)

One Day at a Time (Monday Inspiration)

Each day is a new opportunity to try again. To create the world and life you want to create. Today is your new opportunity – seize it.