“Akrion Cycle 1” (High Fantasy)

Selucisa was created a thousand years ago, seeded by the power of the Stars, akrion. But when the first Landfallers terraformed this world, they failed to take into account the unintended consequences of such a significant akrion event. The thinning of the Boundary, the line between Life and Death, was one of those consequences. Ghosts returned to the world of the living, monsters known as Kreysicks began to appear and the world was ravaged by war and illness.


But humanity won and the Boundary was shored up with human soul.

Mae was once the Heiress to Rael Mentoria, future leader to her people. Now, she’s on the run from the law after her brother’s attempt to resurrect Kassick fails. 

To make matter’s worse, the Ghost of her deceased three times Great-Aunt that has been following her is now anchored to her soul. If she’s found to have anchored a Ghost, Mae’s fate will be sealed and she will executed, leaving her precious Rael to the machinations of her brother and his zealot companions known as Mervadis’ Chosen.

In an unstable world assaulted by corruption and monsters not seen since the first Grey Wars, Mae only option is to go underground and find shelter within one of the notorious Ship’s Guilds. There, she is given an opportunity to change her fate: give over information that only her Ghost knows about a mysterious codex called Book of Pattegon, which is rumored to have the power of Starfall inside of it, and in return they will help Mae restore her innocence and her title upon Ignar’s death.

The only catch? No Guild will touch a Cythunde, the brother of an Heiress, lest it spark another Rael war. If Ignar is to die, Mae must be the one to hold the blade herself.

“Akrion Cycle 1” or “Assassins 1” is the working title(s) for my current high fantasy WIP, the first book in my nominally titled series The Akrion Cycle. You can catch up on my progress with my periodical blogs about writing my novel below!

Slow and Steady

The last two months of writing have been… slow, to say the least. It’s been a tough section to try and get through in the book, mostly around trying to get three key plot threads tied up and organised so that the next section of the book can happen. One thing I’ve found through this … More Slow and Steady

Novel News

Welcome to my newest ad-hoc blog – my novel updates! A chance for me to document my progress on my ongoing novel edits. For those of who you have recently followed me (hi!), you can check out my novel page for more information on my WIP! In previous monthly blogs, I’ve included a small section … More Novel News