“Akrion Cycle 1” (High Fantasy)

Selucisa was created a thousand years ago, seeded by the power of the Stars, akrion. But when the first Landfallers terraformed this world, they failed to take into account the unintended consequences of such a significant akrion event. The thinning of the Boundary, the line between Life and Death, was one of those consequences. Ghosts returned to the world of the living, monsters known as Kreysicks began to appear and the world was ravaged by war and illness.


But humanity won and the Boundary was shored up with human soul.

And now, that soul wishes to be freed.

“Akrion Cycle 1” or “Assassins 1” is the working title(s) for my current high fantasy WIP, the first book in my nominally titled series The Akrion Cycle. You can catch up on my progress with my periodical blogs about writing my novel below!

You write what you read

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these updates about my fantasy novel The Akrion Cycle (Book 1). The last six months have not got much to show in terms of words on a page, but there have been points of intensive creativity which have pushed the book forward. One of the things…

Looking back on a year

When I sat down to write this blog, I was concerned I wouldn’t have anything to write about. The last few months have been filled with everything other than novel writing (including downloading new computer games, woops). As such, there hasn’t been much progress on my novel to speak of. However, when I look back…

Stuck in the Middle

I’ve got pages and page and pages of notes trying to work out the sequence in the middle of the story. It’s the bridging piece between the beginning setup and the key middle sequence and by gods does nothing I write work. (This is also a lesson in not trying to have too many POVs,…